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Adding numbers to panic

Adding numbers to panic

Writer: James Simpson Capital Analysis Middle

CAIR's new "Islamophobia" Report (Full Collection)
Partnership with SPLC | Redefine Binding Circumstances Adding Numbers to Foment Panic
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Abstract: The American-Islamic Relations Council has a history of dubious associations and suspicious allegations of Islam and terrorism. In its latest report, CAIR is aimed toward numerous non-profit groups and scholars. "These so-called" Islamophobic "groups are not hostile groups at all, unless we use the definition of" hatred ", which has been proclaimed by the Southern Poverty Regulation Middle. A cautious analysis of the CAIR report destroys most of the organisation's key arguments

Extra techniques of abuse

The CAIR Islamophobia report quotes a way where SPLC and other left-wingers are utilizing it all the time. They take a quote from a targeted opponent and present it with out context. For example, from ACT to America, CAIR studies badly:

to ACT America – nationwide marriages towards "Sharia law".

Why is this so unimaginable? CAIR and different Muslim organizations which are partners with communist teams comparable to Black Lives Matter and be a part of them in anti-American protests all the time. Does anybody attempt to block them? More to the point, is the protest unlawful? Like all public protests or marches, ACT for America exhibits are protected in the identical means with the primary assessment. However CAIR would really like to curb these opponents who oppose them

ACT laws and agendas embrace: the battle towards terrorism, the protection of constitutional freedoms, immigration reform, help for army and regulation enforcement, and the defense of Israel.

The report also mentions the Nationwide Safety Technique for the White Home of 2017:

Jihadist terrorists, akin to ISIS and al-Qaida, continue to unfold barbaric ideology. . . These jihadist terrorists try to drive them to influence Sharia regulation.

Isn't this the precise opinion of these teams? In fact it is. Ought to this be included in any smart analysis of the threats dealing with America? It’s listed among other official nationwide security points as a part of the nationwide defense strategy. But by presenting it alone for instance of "Islamophobia", CAIR avoids the conversation they lose, and assumes that readers conclude that there’s something incorrect with the statement.

CAIR describes a darker "xenophobic community of 39 teams which have acquired $ 1.5 billion over three years. The report itself lists 46 teams, not 39, one other mistake, so allocating income to a smaller number exceeds their revenue. [19659013] CAIR's $ 1.5 billion Xenophobe Network Newest 990 Income 1 Christian Broadcasting Network $ 308,099,729 $ 142,691,721 2 American Future Fund $ 29,401,632 $ 2,838,387 3 American Regulation and Justice Middle $ 1,224,787 four American Household Association $ 19,068,393 $ 28,683,191 5 Foundation for Democratic Protection $ 9,zero39,436 $ 18,973,604 $ 18,973,604 18,973,604 for Security Policy $ 6,548,493 [1965901] $ 6,548,493 [1965901] 6] $ 1,967.835 7 Center East Media Analysis Institute $ 6,262,533 $ 1 532 913 8 David Horowitz Freedom Middle $ 5,976,459 9 Nati onal Evaluate Institute $ 5,689,857 $ 9,660,370 10 Ladies in America $ 5,596,942 $ 191,832 $ 191,832 11 Middle East Precision Committee 5,363,477] $ 7,632,375 12 Middle East Discussion board $ 4,361,751 $ 5,463,633 13 American Civil Rights Union $ three 119 475 $ 1,250,047 14 14 ] $ three,005,986 $ 2,074,817 $ 2,074,817 15 ] Gatestone Institute $ 2,159,819 $ 120,750 16 Terrorism Research Venture 2 056 982 – $ 2 05 6 982 Eagle Discussion board & Protection Fund (10 chapters) $ 1,810,441 $ 29,351,809 18 Coalition of Spiritual Freedom $ 1,529,083 $ 438,276 19 The Lawfare Venture ] $ 790.780 20 American Freedom Regulation Middle $ 1,276,078 $ 530,871 21 Christian Motion Network $ 1,098,170 $ 80,590 22 Ayaan Hirsi Ali Basis $ 977,774 $ 469,144 469,142 Survival $ 926,543 $ 56,465 24 Declaration of Justice of Nations $ 855,141 – $ 31,598 25 Basis for Freedom of the Fund $ 823,586 $ 823,586 26 Middle East Forum [19659016] $ 707,394 $ 2728,224 27 Gaining the Center East Fact 583,490 $ 374,700 28 28 Details and Logic in the Center East $ 519,707 $ 824,086 29 People for Peace and Tolerance ] $ 454 388 $ 221,859 30 American Freedom Protection Initiative American Freedom Defense Initiative $ 516,119 31 Florida Household Affiliation $ 209,043 48 , $ 1 25 32 Security Analysis Associates $ 206,766 – $ 34,349 33 Limitless Analytics $ 200,000 $ 3,775 34 $ 191,501 $ 19,595,096 $ 180,977 $ 39,245 36 Residents of Nationwide Security Residents of Nationwide Security Citizens of Nationwide Security Citizens of Nationwide Security ] $ 178,627 $ 178,627 $ 178,627 [19659016]] International Faith Institute $ 148,077 $ 25,254 38 Direct Approach of Grace $ 140,889 $ 29,005 39 Foundation for the Christian Fact ] 131 872 [20659017] 40 ACT for America $ 128,631 $ 1,053,938 41 Jihad Watch $ 121,908 $ 70,159 42 Christians and Jews united with Israel $ 85,325 $ 90,520 43 Oak Institute $ 60,724 $ 76,580 $ 76,580

 44   ] Silicon Valley Conservative Forum   $ 60,043   $ 65,912   45   American Society for National Existence   NA   NA   46   People in America America   ] NA   TOTAL   $ 453,226,591   261,650,350 $ 

In fact, these 46 group annual revenues are almost $ 454 million. So for three years it adds up to $ 1.four billion - not just $ 1.5 billion, but close enough. CAIR does not listing the revenue of each particular person group, however only the revenue of all teams. Wanting on the table exhibits why.

Two-thirds of the $ 1.4 billion goes to just one group: Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Community (CBN). CBN is a Christian tv channel that is broadly liable for broadcasting The The Membership Membership. It is among the oldest and longest operating packages in the country and covers a wide range of points from a Christian perspective.

together with CBN is greatest. The CBN quilt goes a great distance and is far more eager about Christian evangelism than questioning Islam. If a Christian is sufficient to be thought-about "Islamophobic" than CAIR and SPLC lacks hundreds of judeo-Christian groups.

But there is a specific objective, including CBN. It's the only approach to improve followers a lot that you simply use the B phrase. After which you might have to add three more years. If the report omits CBN, the entire might be lowered to $ 145.9 million per yr. The unfold of 46 organizations - except CBN - provides a mean annual revenue of $ three.2 million, a relatively modest sum in a non-commercial surroundings.

Take a look at the table again. As well as to CBN, there are solely three teams that receive more than $ 10 million annually: American Future Fund, American Regulation and Justice (ACLJ) and the American Household Affiliation.

The American Future Fund is a gaggle that promotes 'Conservative, Free Market Concepts'. Is it also "Islamophobic"? The American Regulation and Justice Middle (ACLJ) is a corporation run by present Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow. It was founded in 1990 to be a conservative response to ACLU. The American Family Association is one other socially conservative Christian organization (in accordance to SPLC, "hateful").

The nationwide assessment additionally includes a CAIR listing. The nationwide evaluate by William F. Buckley is among the oldest, continuously working conservative publications in the USA, and focuses on all elements of public coverage. It has additionally come to most of the shortcuts ever. The SPLC / CAIR ought to enjoyment of its apparent political expertise.

Involved ladies in America are one other mainstream conservative organization and the most important ladies's organization in america - larger than the left nationwide ladies's group, though most residents have no idea this. Once more, this group deals with all ladies issues from a conservative perspective. Also word that although its latest tax return consists of $ 5.6 million in revenue (which includes $ 1.6 million from the 501c.4 operational fund), it saves little or no and has a internet value of less than $ 200,000.

Also word the American Freedom Regulation Middle of David Yerushalmi, whose revenue is $ 1.3 million. It has been concerned in courtroom battles with CAIR on a number of events and has never disappeared - with reference to the actual cause CAIR is concentrating on this group. Rather more about this later.

But there's extra. Of the 46 organizations listed within the “Islamophobia” report, 25 of them collected less than $ 1 million last yr. The typical for the group is $ 332,000. Some acquired little or no in any respect. Phyllis Schlaflyn Eagle The Discussion board Legal Defense and Schooling Fund has amassed over a decade a large ($ 24.6 million) wealth base to fund expensive authorized and training packages. However most work in a shoe-cleaning finances with one or a number of paid staff, so this "wide network" is beginning to look extra like a paper tiger.

Most of these organizations are ideologically conservative and / or Christians with little obvious co-ordination. And to the extent that no one interacts, it is past national security, not "Islamophobia".

The CAIR report additionally lists revenue - over three years to make it look horrible - David Horowitz ($ 1,690,000), Frank Gaffney ($ 886,000), and Pam Geller ($ 821,000) who describe them "benefiting from anger. "

However, Nihad Awad, the founder and national director of CAIR, earned $ 734,000 over three years. So can we point out that Nihad Awad benefits from terrorism? Abolishing anti-American action?

SPLC has made a whole lot of hundreds of thousands of damaging individuals and organizations they hate by way of defamation. How much do SPLC managers do? In the course of the previous three years (so the numbers are comparable), CEO Cohen made $ 1,173,839; Morris Dees, founder and chief adviser, made $ 1,185,099 earlier than he was eliminated in a sexual and racial discrimination scandal; even Heidi Beirich - writer of the report - made at that time virtually half one million (USD 494 191)

media, Hollywood, coaching facility and a serious political social gathering are owned by the novel left and are more than prepared to echo violate the messages which were buried for teams like SPLC. So, it's a reasonably good business mannequin. All you've gotten to do is hand over all ethics, morality, and interest in the fact.

But the reality is that each one the non-profit managers of all the tracks make a really respectable life, so as soon as again CAIR has painted the improper image that gained its political enemies. From the viewpoint, Juan Sanchez, a left-wing chief who has joined many teams of Latino open borders, is the CEO of Southwest Key and one of the largest government subcontractors who're transferring illegal overseas minors who at the moment are flooding. Over the previous three years, Sanchez has acquired a complete of 2 953 338 to 99% of the compensation paid by US taxpayers

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