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Killing America with Kindness – Hoax 42

Killing America with Kindness - Hoax 42

By: Linda Goudsmit | Pundicity

Humanitarian scam is a acutely aware and deceptive tactic to current damaging politics as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate defender when he’s, in reality, a disguised enemy.

Barack Obama's notorious June 2009 "New Beginnings" speech in Cairo laid the inspiration for eight years of Islamic protection policies on the expense of the Judeo-Christian. America. One in every of Obama's least understood and most devastating pledges in Cairo concerned Islamic terrorist financing, disguised as charity and humanitarian assist. That is how it works.

Muslim life is ruled by 5 pillars of Islam. They’re acknowledged, obligated, and practiced by Muslims throughout the world:

1. Shahada – The career of faith

2. Salad – 5 occasions a day prayer

3. Zakat – Charitable Donation

4. Noticed – Fasting

5. Hajj – Pilgrimage to Mecca

Zakat, the third pillar of Islam, requires Muslims to deduct a portion of their revenue to help the Islamic group. It is a spiritual obligation, a obligatory charity contribution, or a tax, often about 2.5% of an individual's revenue. Zakat sounds acquainted and intimidating than the normal tithing of churches, synagogues and temples paid by Christians, Jews, and Buddhists all over the world.

4. June 2009 In Cairo, Obama used this data and promised the Muslim world that he would facilitate Zakat for American Muslims by saying, “Freedom of religion is central to the power of countries to stay together. We should all the time take a look at the methods by which we shield it. In america, for instance, charity guidelines have made it troublesome for Muslims to satisfy their spiritual obligations. That’s the reason I’m dedicated to working with American Muslims to make sure that they will fulfill Zakah. "So what's the problem?

Zakat is just not a charity occasion, like a standard charity donation in different religions. In 2009, Obama knew that zakat was used to finance Islamic terrorism. WHAT Obama knew? Let's take a look at the chronological dates to verify what Obama knew and when

In August 2004, the Robert Mueller FBI had already discovered the notorious miserable 1991 Islamic Brotherhood's "Explanatory Memorandum to the Group's Strategic Objective North and North. America." The document was used as proof within the Holy Land Foundation's 2007 trial. America and make it a Muslim The Muslim Brotherhood is a multinational group and the mum or dad company of the Hamas terrorist group.

The Holy Land Aid and Improvement Foundation and 7 principal individuals started trial July 23 a 2007:

– 12 Offering Material Help and Assets to a Named Overseas Terrorist Group – Hamas

– 13 Cash Laundering

– 13 Violates Worldwide Emergency Assistance Act (IEEPA) Prohibiting US Threats to National Safety [19659003] On October 2007 the trial was declared because the jury was unable to succeed in unanimous selections on most issues. The government streamlined its presentation and re-examined the case, displaying that the Holy Land Foundation was a Hamas donor, wholly controlled by Hamas, and that the directors knew that the funds they raised in america can be used to fund Hamas.

24. November 2008 In 2008, the jury convicted 5 principals on numerous issues and the Holy Land Basis in all 32 nations.

The Holy Land Basis (HLF) was a political group disguised as a charity. It was the most important Islamic "charity" in the USA and existed to help Hamas-jihad get rid of the State of Israel and substitute it with the Islamic State of Palestine. About $ 12.four million was donated by the Holy Land charity and its contributors to terrorism. Until Obama was unconscious for two years between the Holy Land Foundation trial, July 2007, the November verdicts, and his speech in Cairo in June 2009, Obama knew the zakat was used to finance terrorism.

The Holy Land Foundation was the most important terror finance lawsuit in US history and was information in all places. The seven named defendants and the 300 auxiliaries who didn’t receive help have been listed in authorities paperwork. The propaganda arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), is likely one of the conspirators on the record. In line with the Department of Justice, "The Holy Land Foundation was the United States Palestinian Committee's most important funding body set up by the Muslim Brotherhood to support Hamas."

A national evaluation article on August 22, 2007, entitled "Coming Pure CAIR," President Nihad Awad's attendance at a Palestinian Commission Committee meeting in 1993.

Barack Obama was elected President of the USA when the Holy Land Foundation and its leaders have been condemned. He ought to have recognized that the Holy Land Foundation used the zakat program to fund terrorism, but in line with FBI spokesman Philip Haney, “The Obama Division of Justice closed the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2009 regardless of its success in soldering an underground donor network. "They did what?"

Obama knew that the Holy Land Basis's "charity" was the offender in terrorist financing, but he still promised to seek out methods to help American Muslims fill the Zakat. This takes us to Leo Hohmann's magnificent article of 5.18.16, "Refugees send welfare bag suitcases to Somalia." WHAT?

In a jaw-dropping performance, Hohmann reveals that in 2015, "men and women" carried their suitcases. full of money "began to appear at Seattle's Sea-Tac Airport with tickets for international flights to Africa." Regulation enforcement observed. The suitcases have been carried by Somali-People who had come to america as refugees. To date, so good. The problem was that they have been also courier couriers working in Islamic Hawaii. Hawala is the Arabic word for "transfer".

The Hawala system is an underground solution to switch cash outdoors of traditional banking or financial institution transfers. Hawala is a "trust system" extensively used by Sharia-compliant Muslim migrants who ship a refund residence to keep away from cost, and Islamic terrorists avoid paper traces. Al Qaeda uses the hawala system in addition to Somali baggage carriers.

Seattle police and Kerns, a 14-year member of the FBI Joint Terrorism Activity Pressure, determined to research suspicious hawala transactions. Most Somali refugees receive welfare payments, so American taxpayers' money was sent again to Somalia and Kerns needed to learn how much cash went to the Somali terrorist organization Al-Shabaab.

Hawalas is an enormous firm. Kerns stated: “The first cash consignment found at Sea-Tac was a man with $ 750,000 in cash who told the customs authorities that he was shipping money abroad. Over the next months, up to $ 2 million in couriers took off for commercial flights at Sea-Tac. One Seattle hawala sent $ 20 million back in 2015. ”

Kerns analyzed the account info offered to the Washington State Division of Financial Institutions and confirmed that the ten hawala shoppers who make the most cash acquired social benefits. Kerns stated it was "outright fraud – every one of them". Kerns suspected that if welfare fraud had been committed in Seattle, it might in all probability have occurred in other giant Somali communities in the USA.

Kerns and a consultant from another federal agency took their case to the US Lawyer's Office in Seattle. US Lawyer Common Annette L. Hayes, a person nominated by Obama / Holder, was accountable at the time and declined to prosecute! WHAT? WHY NOT?

Philip Haney and Art Moore, Ebook Writers Who See One thing Saying Nothing: The Home Safety Officer Reveals Authorities Response to Jihad. Haney and Moore explain that the issue is Islamic domination, the thought of ​​preventing violent extremism is totally absurd. Obama's professional-Islamist insurance policies protected Islamic terrorist financing, disguised as a charity zakat, derived from welfare fraud and offered by the Islamic hawala.

Take a look at one thing to say, nothing reveals anything. . . how deeply mission, denial, and deception drive. An account of Haney's insiders, backed up by inner memos and documents, exposes the federal authorities to a captain's enemy and punishes those who refuse to report it. “Haney explains how the Obama administration, including FBI leaders Mueller and Comey, launched a serious shift in the best way federal representatives are capable of oust radical Islamists from getting into the USA with little-recognized political change that isn’t addressed by means of Congress.

"The Causes of Terrorist Inadmissibility" (TRIG) is an modification to the Immigration and Nationality Act, which created a statutory exception permitting homeland safety and state secretaries to release persons on inadmissibility grounds:

"" Inside Minister Jeh Johnson and Overseas Minister On February 5, 2014, John Kerry (the "Secretaries"), following with Justice Minister Eric Holder, exercised their discretion to not depart a companion unexamined for help, which provided some limited materials help to an unnamed terrorist organization or member of such a corporation. Limited material help might embrace:

  • certain routine business transactions; Sure routine social transactions; Certain humanitarian aids; and
  • material help offered underneath considerable strain that does not rise to the level of the sanction (& # 39; sub-Duress strain & # 39;). "

So Barack Obama exercised his discretion to disregard the zakat violations, institutionalized the taqiyyah (lying about Islamic service), and sacrificed America's domestic security under Islamic supremacist Sharia law. Obama's "words matter" memo set Sharia requirements by Muslim leaders for the Division of Homeland Safety. This consists of the removing of intelligence and official communications from all references to Islam within the context of terrorism. Islamic terrorism was renamed as a violent extremism. Obama cleaned up instructional supplies that time to Islam in a damaging mild, removing and altering very important information about terrorists and terrorist threats. Barack Obama was probably the most anti-American president in American history.

For eight years, Barack Obama protected Islam at the expense of America. Announcer Philip Haney tried to boost People' awareness of the threat of Islam because it isn’t a religion like another. Islam is a social political motion disguised as a religion that has determined to determine a worldwide caliphate ruled by supremacist spiritual sharia regulation. Merely put, the non-apologetic objective of Islam is to rework the world into a worldwide Islamic theocracy.

Each the Islamic leaders and their extraordinary beliefs have been protected by the Globalist Bush Administration and the Muslim-backed Obama Administration by america, america, and the USA Structure. George W. Bush argued that Islam is a faith of peace, Barack Obama insisted that Islam is a faith like another. Islam is neither. Islam is an expansionist political ideology with a spiritual wing in search of world energy. At present, Bush / Obama's political selections to protect Islam at the expense of America proceed to threaten US security.

The Left / Islamists / Globalists are preventing the warfare of culture towards America. to destabilize and overthrow the duly elected First President of America, Donald Trump. The 2020 presidential election will determine America's future course. Is he still an unbiased nation governed by america Constitution? Is he going to move to a collectivist state dominated by leftist socialists? Will he fall into the Islamic caliphate governed by Sharia regulation?

Holy Land Foundation violated Worldwide Emergency Monetary Assist Act, which prohibits transactions that threaten US safety. Somali money couriers additionally did – their hawalahs funded Al-Qaeda stakeholders Al-Shabaab terrorists in Somalia. Al-Shabaab's brutal persecution of Christians and genocide have placed Christian Somalis in just a few hundred in the nations of more than 11 million nations. Islamic terrorism is killing the opposition towards its meant caliphate.

The humanitarian scam of the Islamic zakat continues to threaten America. Obama deliberately facilitated the zakat's fraudulent use of terrorist financing, and his policy has not been overturned. America's first president, Donald Trump, should overturn Obama's treacherous TRIG change that created a statutory exemption for Islamic zakat. President Trump should shield America and restore home security powers accountable those that use our welfare system to fund terrorism.

On September 11, 2001, Islamists declared warfare on Jewish-Christian America. It’s time to admit that Islamic terrorism just isn’t a "violent extremism", it’s a part of Islam's comprehensive spiritual conflict towards non-believers. Islam has fought its spiritual warfare towards the Jewish-Christian world 7. century, and Islam is back in March. Judeo-Christian denial shouldn’t be a technique for the survival of Western civilization.

We must oppose Islamic expansionism and put an end to the humanitarian rip-off of Zakat if America needs to stay a free, sovereign and constitutional republic. We must remain firm and pleased with our Judeo-Christian culture and ethical values. We should always by no means apologize to America and the exhausting work, equal alternatives and meritocracy of our signature, which made America the world's freest, fairest and largest nation.

Islamists claim that the world belongs to God. Islamists consider in their obligation to make use of the Zakat's obligatory spiritual obligation to finance Islamic international terrorism. Islamists wrote an explanatory memo from the Muslim Brotherhood, which says its theft of civilization Yiddah makes America a Muslim. The Muslim Brotherhood and each of its satisfying civilians are harmful enemies of the state and have to be designated as terrorist organizations.