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Live "American Nightmare"

Live "American Nightmare"

Yariel Valdés González, a Washington Blade companion who has utilized for asylum in the USA, speaks with Michael Okay. Lavers, editor-in-chief of Blade's worldwide affairs, concerning the mid-level security of the Bossier Church in Plain Dealing, Louisiana. July 2019. Valdés has described the circumstances of the detention middle as human rights violations.

Editor's Notice: Yariel Valdés González is a Washington Blade associate looking for political asylum in america.

Valdés has described the circumstances within the mid-level security of the Bossier Church in Plain Dealing, Louisiana, where he remains in possession of an Immigration and Customs Management (ICE) Human Rights violation. The ICES spokesman, who responded to Valdés' earlier accusations, stated his agency was dedicated to defending an immigration arrest system, which prioritized health, safety and well-being for all our carers, together with lesbians, gays, bisexual, trans and intersex individuals. "

acquired a press release by Valdés on 29 June.

PLAIN'S HANDLING, Luisiana – The American Dream lives in absolute freedom, protected from threats, persecutions, violence, psychological torture and even demise that Cuban dictatorship for my journalistic work broke my hand as quickly as I came to Louisiana. The Cubans, who are also asking for cover from the US government, acquired me in the midsize security system of the Bossier Church with an ironic shock. They opened their palms and stated to me, "Welcome to Hell!"

I might hardly consider that they had accrued nine, 10 and even 11
month, waiting for a constructive response to their instances
Immigration authorities

I used to be drunk as an illusion, since March 28, an asylum seeker who had interviewed me TALLAHATCHIE County Correctional institutes for Tutwiler Mississippi, determined that I suffered from "a credible persecution persecution." or torture "in Cuba and only the first hearing with the immigration judge was enough to get conditional freedom and continue the trial in freedom, as confirmed by US law, but I was wrong. Once again, the voices of the citizens took themselves out of hope:" No one comes out of Louisiana! "

My dream Like many others, it took a couple of minutes for a nightmare, so that over 30 immigrants arriving on Might three in Louisiana, who came from Mississippi after greater than a month of Tallahatchie & # 39; s, went into deep melancholy that continues immediately. beneath the blanket, when no one sees, manage to overcome my despair for a couple of minutes after which if it installs again in my chest serious about my family, who continues to be threatening jail and dying in Cuba. Cuban dictatorship with "enemy media." Back, just ready for me I take a look at Louisiana's guess increasingly more. I can't see the exit. Prisoner right here, prisoner, if I come back. I do know the nook

of his legal guidelines

A number of days after I used to be in Louisiana, I observed it
Right here is the subjectivity of the decision-maker, who decides, no
objectivity or legal compliance. Louisiana has been a lost place
geography "gringa", which no one seems to seem like, or vice versa
is a technique that has been calculated coldly, however authoritarianism overcomes
abuse of energy or indifference. I do not know what to consider.

A number of here haven’t come to the conclusion that states
America has reworked immigrants into new enterprise and thus retained
hundreds of immigrants guarantee the work of lots of of staff and
Legal professionals, in addition to depart succulent positive aspects to the prisons that serve
Immigration and customs management (ICE in English) wage.

It’s clear that the federal government favors
losing over $ 60 a day for an immigrant who places you free
with their own assumption.

"Louisiana is an immigrant state," says Arnaldo Hernández Cobas, a 55-year-old Cuban who has spent 11 months in his asylum process. "It is not possible for thousands of people who go through the process to win". Hernandez tells me that during his detention, ICE's representatives haven’t monitored him for at some point, and he has never seen an expulsion.

"I don't know if he has allowed the guarantees," Arnaldo says. "Judge Grady A. Crooks states that we do not categorize it and those who categorize them do not give them because they can escape. This only happens in this state because the rest of the immigrants go out to fight their cases after paying."

One other approach to get situation is
condition imposed by the State on the applicants
they got here legally to the bottom and have been credited for suffering, persecution
or torture of their nations of origin. "To be admitted, ICE asks for a collection
paperwork that relations ought to ship, but what happens
is that they don't give sufficient time to do it, says Arnaldo.

That's what occurred to me.

My family managed to ship the documents to the subsequent day.
I get a solution to an interview deliberate the subsequent day. free
Nevertheless, ICE refused my parole "didn’t prove I used to be not in peril
society. "I'm positive that they did not even appreciated by my case.

inside the framework of the absoluteness there are tales that define the absurd,
Many immigrants have acquired their conditional proposal the same day as
They had to submit the documents. And you then feel like ICE has enjoyable with you
face and impotence levels are shot to the utmost. Position award
It is a new procedure that ICE has to satisfy, however it doesn’t occur there. They use
This and other agile methods "look good" within the eyes
The regulation and the passing retention of asylum seekers for months, present them
for checks that don’t win, pushing those that do not lose expulsion
start strain without properly assessing the danger that might imply
returning to their lives

What occurs if ICE grants circumstances, it's
an obligation to launch us for a couple of days, and we already know that they don’t need
that. Its objective is to maintain us locked at all prices.

"The cruel irony is that most asylum seekers who adhere to the law and appear at official entry points do not need to ask the immigration judge to release their custody," stated Laura Rivera, a lawyer at Southern Poverty Regulation Middle, an institution offering authorized help to immigrants in an article entitled is "To Hell": Cuban asylum seekers go to immigration prisons in Louisiana ". "Quite the opposite, their solely opening to release them is to ask the same company that stopped them, the Division of Inner Security."

However DHS is roofed in a Rivera South American-published memo. Poverty Regulation Middle – ignores its energy to think about intimately requests for liberalization and, quite the opposite, prohibits conditional freedom with out justification.

"Men are locked to cover from the world
Outsiders have been imprisoned and punished for defending and implementing their rights
take their case earlier than the immigration judges who deny them
up to 100%, Rivera stated.

Another violation of the goat life process
The story of Arnaldo, as the first middle where he was held
they assured that he might overcome his case together with his wife, however "when
"came to Louisiana, a judge," he advised me he wouldn't permit every one
the case is totally different. "Nevertheless, Arnaldo's life can’t differ
His spouse, they have been together for 37 years. His wife 9 months ago
that he is free and he continues behind the bars. And so it is with moms and youngsters,
brothers and people who have recognized instances. Once more. T.

At the Crooks hearing, Arnaldo declared a feeling
"Very uncomfortable" because he considers him extreme. "Give me this
it only recognizes excessive instances, Arnaldo says. "To her doors
They don't imply something. He himself says he is an expulsion decide, not a harbor.
In all places I've been right here, no one has managed to win asylum and
even funding, just expulsions. "

The final door of the decide's extremity arrived
the day when the other decide and the immigrants ordered the hearings
they confirmed that they obtained their acylum that morning. The example cannot be more

Douglas Puche Moxeno, a 23-year-old Venezuelan who transports
for 9 months in Louisiana, it has also been discovered that prisoners "didn’t get
Discover ways to comply with the method and what to do. I do not know
they explained the measures to obtain conditional launch. "

As on your listening to," the decide informed me that
I knew the current state of affairs in Venezuela, however he refused to grant me asylum because
I'm not an excessive case. He waits for him to return to the USA with no
arm or leg accepted. "

Louisiana immigrants eat all the potential for liberation. They’ve made these accusations of television channels and even went to the Cuban-American Senator Marco Rubio.

" We have reached the point of appealing to ICE, "Douglas explains." SPLC (Southern The Poverty Law Center) has filed a lawsuit claiming a password review. This is one of the most hopeful ways we need to get freedom. If we succeed, the benefits are for everyone. "

" A number of demonstrations have additionally been organized.
press authorities and demand our rights
immigrants, ”provides Douglas. "Relations, legal professionals and lots of
Establishments have gathered in Miami, Washington and Louisiana
urge ICE's attention to the injustices which have occurred
We've achieved it for over a yr. "

This isn’t you
nation & # 39;

Bossier is a jail buried deep in Louisiana and hidden within the midst of the encompassing forests. Daily within it, there’s a continuous survival coaching that units probably the most physical, mental, and above all emotional capacity with excitement. In 4 flats we stay together in over 300 immigrant overcrowding circumstances, robust cold and reset privacy

My stay is déjà vu in Cuban faculty hostels, where, pressured,
We shared smells, flavors and precedence needs. Here we also share
Hindu, African,
China, Nepal, Syria and Central America.

My private area is a slender mattress
iron, bolted to the floor, box for storage and a
a thin mattress that can barely separate my column from a metallic with
induced some back pain. Typically, nevertheless, what’s most dangerous
It's the remedy we get from the officers. Like "well."
dangerous "because he feels like a federal prisoner." Based on ICE
We are "arrested", not prisoners, however we nonetheless acquired physical and
psychological, ”continues Arnaldo. "I keep in mind an officer once
pulls Salvador three days for a simple reality
to eat in your bed. They don’t supply and they don’t converse to us, they name us. They awaken you
bang in mattress. "

" The smallest excuse is accustomed
remove the microwave, tv, or deprive us of ice and ensure it
It’s a luxurious and not a necessity. "

" Once we complain about these conditions
they say, "This is not your country," Arnaldo claims.

Dormo's smiles usually are not widespread. Dominant
face of hearing and grief. The good news is nearly all the time improper and
then return to frustration and stress that this delivery will awaken us.

"Here I really feel very sad, anxious, as if
I might have killed somebody we received abused,
Damián Álvarez Arteaga, a 31-year-old boy who has collected 11
In the USA, imprisoned.

"Freedom is probably the most invaluable factor that’s
man, Damián adds. "I hope to spend a lot time in arrest
I get a constructive response from my case. We’ve got shown the USA
that we are actually afraid of suffering persecution or torture in Cuba. "

The within tunes look countless: they stretch,
they multiply, but by no means shorten or hurry. Our only contact
With the surface world, there are calls or video calls
high costs) with family, pals or legal professionals and occasional excursions
to the terrace to greet the solar and take the recent air.

"Each time I've been right here, I've seen
the sun a couple of occasions and solely 15 minutes, and it’s because we’ve complained
Arnaldo. The yard, as it’s referred to as, is a small rectangle
fences and surveillance cameras with concrete floor in the center, the place
some play football once they supply us a ball. I carry my pants
my yellow uniform on my knees so that the solar warms up slightly
limbs once I misplaced my sight in a lush forest the place I have a number of
meters. I like the sky, a couple of automobiles that go down the street
close and take big oxygen once I comprehend it got here out
in the depths of the sea and desperately want air to keep me

"Every day is the same here," says Douglas. "The same food for the same activity. This prison does not have enough space for so many people for so long. We have no library or family visits."

Yariel Valdés González interviews the Mexican immigrant group in Mexico's Mexican shelter on January 27, 2019. Born in Cuba, Valdés has requested asylum in the USA. He is still in possession of the Immigration and Customs Authority (ICE) in Louisiana. (Photograph: Michael Okay. Lavers Washington Blade)

Soup is
Foreign money Trade

My Bossier Day begins shortly earlier than 5am when
"line" cry, I get a plastic tray for breakfast. at this time
It's a grain day, low-fat milk, bread and a small portion of jelly.
The menu is repeated every single day of the week. I virtually all the time concerned,
because at noon there’s nothing to eat.

"Food is not right," he says
Damián. "I have already resigned a small part of my abdomen. Bread
Spicy sauce and some greens or mortadella cannot hold a person
an adult, nor ought to he correctly endure such a nerve-racking one
virtually a yr. "

The final meal is at 16.00 so this is
in mattress at 11 am full stomach is chimeric. Cheating starvation a
prompt soup, supplemented with some carrots and scorching canine
to steal my meals as we speak.

As a result of I still have cash, I should buy
soups and supplements that help Bossier food. free
Nevertheless, you don’t have monetary help from the family, they’re categorised by Bossier
"poor" and forced to do their cleaning
comrades in trade for the Maruchan soup. Here the foreign money is soup. all
Carge Starts and Ends With Him as a Savior of Hungry Nights

"These and Other Articles We Must Purchase
high prices in commissioner, the one retailer we’ve got access to
which we are completely depending on, ”reveals Daman.

In addition, Bossier's medical providers are so
Main that isn’t even a physician or nurse, like
no room for statement of sufferers and observers
takes place from Monday to Friday. "Those who get sick put it within the cells
punishment, alone and alone, what psychologically affects us, ”he says
Arnaldo. "Individuals typically don't say they feel dangerous about it
Take them "well". In excessive instances, they take you to the hospital
your ft, palms and waist and hold you tied up with some time, though
guarded. I'd somewhat stay earlier than hospitalization. "

Yuni Pérez López, a 33-year-old Cuban, lived within the flesh
owns this unlucky state of affairs. He was within the hole for six days as a result of he had
fever. "It appeared to me that I was punished for sickness and even when
The physician launched me, they stored me there, he says. "It's like being
cooler: Four partitions, mattress, rest room and lightweight that never disappears.
In an effort to get there I needed to cease consuming all day to call
they usually returned me to the bedroom. "

" Depart other Bossier dangerous remedy
frozen bones because at 7 and four pm we cannot use
blankets or sheets to cover us. It isn’t aesthetics or
Self-discipline, officials usually are not if the mattress is t
it just disturbs them once we cover ourselves up with the cold cold of the dormone

The immigrants interviewed by Blade are probably the most
Veterans in Bossier. Everyone appeals to Crooks's choice that doesn't
political asylum. I’ve not yet filed a case, so I nonetheless consider
Little hope to get US protection. like
They, I try to settle for this harsh actuality and be robust, even probably the most
typically sorrow consumes me and removes me from constructive thoughts.

The USA does not symbolize me – to many
nice life, automotive of the yr or McDonald's. Nobody can ever
fill my household, the absence of associates or the passionate love I left
double material. United States represents the opportunity to reside, so I'm sticking

Life "American Nightmare" first appeared on Washington Blade: Gay News, Politics, LGBT Rights.