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Our Nixon: Whose Life Was Anyway?

Our Nixon: Whose Life Was Anyway?


3. Might 1994

1. Nixon Is In all places

I'm going to place an previous report for those who don't thoughts. Let's see if I keep in mind how this embarrassed hi-fi works. Needle scratched, but-ah, we go. You recognize these sliding saxophones which are selfless and handsome. A sound with vintage Buick's lazy swagger – Bourbon mahoganied; Camel-catarrhed belongs to Richard Nixon's current state. I call Frank Sinatra an alternate who makes "witchcraft" that I don't have my only copy of.

These paws
Dartin's eyes that by no means stop, ah
Sweaty upper lip. . . It’s –

Saturday September 20, 1952; Eugene, Oregon. The candidate for the President of the Republic's Vice-President swept his marketing campaign practice, Nixon Special. Two days earlier, the New York Publish had revealed that California's junior senator had a secret fund arrange for Orange Island supporters. On the subsequent Tuesday he appeared on the tv when he protested towards his innocence as much as his advantage, his spouse's virtues, his little daughter's virtues – Checkers. But on Saturday in a liberal school in Eugene, a set of hackers had a examine mark. In accordance with Roger Morris, his grasp, Richard Milhous Nixon: The rise of an American politician: "Two junior high school students took one reading" CAN THE WATER PAY FOR ENOUGH, DICK? ""

I'm an enormous admirer of Morris' guide, however I’ve all the time been miffed about it, "junior school" cracking. At the moment my father, who stored the mark on the best head – our household album within the picture of my mother's face at one end – is covered – was thought-about some of the promising postgraduate college students at the University of Oregon in American historical past. He was there with GI Bill, who, like Nixon, had a fleet throughout World Conflict II. Virtually 20 years later, my father, till then the Ministry of Overseas Affairs, sent it to the White Home, where he advised President Nixon some diplomatic rounds. At the least that father informed us this evening, back. The DC suburbs – we might have lived overseas kings, just to study to return residence, that we have been middle class: bummer – he had spent the whole interview confused about how Nixon, whose well-drilled memory for his face was well-known, watched him with the strangest smile. Praying himself president of the question, that never came – "Where have I seen you before?" – my father hämmenteli his response to the impact of:

All of us laughed "Probably the 15-foot mark at the other end.". We had been raised as second-generation Nixon haters. The cat, who was the father's rose-red Siamese nerves, was in all probability someplace looking for panic.

Trusting Sinatra's Tangle Bridge Brings Pump Horns Like White Stone:

And al-though-my-kids – Studying Ca-MUS
Chilean instability
My coronary heart says, "Yes, Tricky –
Make what you do for us, "yes – it's

8. November 1972 – The Day of Richard Nixon's landslide victory over George McGovern – my father was at Bethesda Naval Hospital, who died. I went to his mattress within the intensive care unit, telling myself that he should have recognized the results. He had woke up me to consider that such things have been necessary, and I assume that, because of the insurance, I needed to hear that he thought so.

"Well, Dad, it's over," I stated. "Nixon won."

My dangerous father! He was excavated on the smorgasbord of painkillers. Hopefully embarrassed, his yellowing obscure eyes wandered around. But someway he knew he ought to reply, and ultimately he requested his mind to recollect how. Here is what he muttered, so he hit me:

". Awful man"

In all probability pleases him to know that these have been the last phrases I ever heard him converse.

However a few years later, in Los Angeles, I informed the journalist that I assumed that some nervous superstar conduct was Nixon-esque. Judith looked at me pleasantly, for which I am grateful to him. After which he laughed, "Oh, Tom – everyone reminds you of Nixon …"

2. Yorba Linda

Roger Morris's biography is one of the best guide by Nixon, which even crosses Garry Wills' nice Nixon Agonistes, because Morris is the only writer who acknowledges Nixon's story principally as a Californian; in other words, a western story. It is true that Garry Wills can write tires round virtually everybody, but the problem is that Wills can even write tires round themselves.

California is the place the beginning ends. To get out, we destroyed the continent as we went to its inhabitants. We used Africa in a human meat cabinet. Extremely, we at the moment are spending our time spoiling where we misplaced our innocence.

But the nixons remained epic; overlook, would we are saying, glamor. After Mayflower, Nixons got here to boats whose names no one remembered. Nixons adopted the wagon trains to the west, on the lookout for an excellent place for the grocery retailer. Nixons seemed at the view from the Cortez agapea to the left vista, and thought that now’s a place for a grocery store; The prospects are nice, however we’re too poor to take pleasure in them. We have now all the time had more nixons than pioneers.

Yorba Linda, California, the birthplace of Richard Nixon, is among the darkest, most damaging places I by no means care about. In scorching climate it smells like if one thing had actually burned long ago, and this can be a substitute. Individuals are very snug, as they maintain what you do if they don’t seem to be.

On the age of 10, writing to his mother – a family who moved to Whittier by then – Nixon produced the first

Pricey Grasp,

Two boys who left me are very dangerous for me. Their dog Jim could be very previous and he never talks or performs with me.

On Saturday the boys went to hunt. Jim and I went with them. Once I went by means of the forest, one of many boys fired and dropped me. I’m misplaced his temper and hardly performed. He rained me to the aspect and we started. Once we walked, I saw a black spherical of wooden. I hit it with my paw. It came out of the black matter. I felt pain in all places. I started to run, and when both the skin was swollen, I fell into the pond. Once I obtained house, I was very sore, I wish you came residence proper now.

Good Canine,

Where else is that this, Morris is certain to name it: a lonely boy. “As a youngster, nevertheless, there isn’t a willpower – a willpower that always appears to be for any objective, although it prevents all satisfaction. In Duke, the place he studied regulation within the 30s, Nixon was referred to as "Iron Butt" for his punishment studies. Throughout the rest of his life he handled psychological diligence within the type of perseverance. It was the credit of a man who drew extra of his will than his presents, as they have been; He was, in any case, the president of this century's bininiest. (Solely his hero, Woodrow Wilson, is coming shut.)

Like her husband, Pat Nixon got here virtually miserable – worse in his case than him, the truth is. Not often self-discipline, he once bridged Gloria Steinem – "I've never been easy, I'm not at all like you" – fallacious, however revealed that Steinem was born privileged. Throughout his presidency, Nixon, he was extensively recognized. But she has been a lady with considerable tolerance and courage. One undeniable fact that never got here out of dying last yr from lung most cancers was that he had been a livid smoker within the cabinet chain because it was (is) Jacqueline Kennedy.

During World Warfare II, Nixon served as CEO within the South Pacific region. Need to imagine standing on the seashore and watching Jack Kennedy's PT boat flashing. But what it is value, Nixon's superb work was undoubtedly extra helpful in the struggle effort. This also seems to have been the one period of his life when he was relaxed and socially playful: Lieutenant Nixon took him to be Nixon.

Like most idyll, it didn't final. As we speak, no one thinks late within the 40s of years of revolutionary fermentation, but in some ways. America's trendy center class had reached the scene because of the war-time economic progress armed with GI Bill; Before they landed on their loud-track tracks and televisions, the newcomers made their very own horror. Though post-war politics is often described only within the Cold Struggle paranoia, a lot of the pink cause and witchcraft was going nicely earlier than the Russians obtained bombed, forgotten when america loved a nuclear monopoly. Something else happened or happened – displacing the previous order, in this case a patrician gentleman's club that assumed that sustaining the land was its preservation, and "Treason!" Traditional cry as excuse. In Nixon – "the ultimate self-made man" as Garry Wills referred to as – the newly established post-war center class found its exhausting threshold, the crude new suburbs of Robespierre.

Back in Whittier, some well-elevated native Republicans, the 100's self-styled committee recruits a restored veterinarian to the native camp, the pleasant, smoker Jerry Voorhis – who has gone encounter the footsteps of historical past with out ever understanding what he did. Nixon ran very arduous and ran soiled. But for him, Voorhis's smile as a second traveler, he in all probability didn't look even sincere – simply arduous working. The campaign he hated was a check of his mute, and he would all the time have appreciated to have sinned fairly than relenting.

The raise case came ”48. Like all of Nixon's subsequent crises – a term he prefers in situations where he himself is involved – it was each an ethical and an amazingly inverse class wrestle, where the psychic fundamentals have been all overlapping with the floor dynamics. I might also admit that if any person can get me to Nixon, it's Alger Carry. The accused Soviet spokesman was elegant, well-connected and outrageous, the New Deal's golden son, the company's iron. But what Nixon, who was a devious bourgeois slander towards him, was not deceiving his class; however in his class. An outsider saved the establishment's insider: Nixon's social disapproval does not contribute to radicalism however to militia because he noticed that it was in conflict with the conference itself as a privilege.

As soon as again, Nixon minimize the corners and made evidence even when the unresolved fact might have gained the day for him. The prosecutor of the congress, not the defendant, was the one who all the time behaved like a packet respiration his neck and determined cures would have compensated. Whilst president, Nixon would seize a nail in the Elevator, which the later era referred to as himself a defining moment in an apostropic language that the same era might additionally acknowledge as less applicable than a political breakthrough than a therapeutic breakthrough

1950: Senate race. He ran Helen towards Gahagan Douglas – one other higher shell that received valuable and acquired an attack on "Pink Lady". Even when the cost was not true, he, like Voorhis and Hiss, deserved to return down because he made him really feel small.

Simply two years later, the vice-chairman, the couch fund, the oak got here. When the success of Nixon's speech had annoyed the fierce Eisenhower to keep him in the flag, Ike patronized him when he welcomed him, "You are my son." His salary was the nomination of the President of the 1960s, and Ike was indignant to provide him even that. When Nixon misplaced in November, Jack Kennedy is claimed to have delivered the well-known surgery:. "No class."

In 1962, Nixon ran to the California Governor and misplaced his life. Nobody thought they have been concerned with California's administration. (They have been proper.) After his defeat, he lost management. He met the press and saw the black shade. "You no longer have to kick Nixon around," he stated.

3. Hate

How incorrect he was and nonetheless is. We're never gonna kick him around.

Oh, how we hated him! The brand new Frontier mother and father and their new left youngsters can agree: no one ever hated Nixon's hate. Joe McCarthy raised an excessive amount of worry to stand up towards hatred; Ronald Reagan principally impressed Invasion 0f when Body Snatchers fears that at some point we want to chill out and be reminded as everybody else is.

However Nixon's hate was fantastic. It felt like an excellent life once you hated him. There are nonetheless hundreds of thousands of people who find themselves 40 years previous and older and whose political vanity is predicated on their anger with Nixon. (I hated him first. Properly, I hated him more.)

Nevertheless, it had a particular emotional timing, this anger. It meant lots to us. It. was disgraceful disdainful however did not play the rejection. It required him to seek out him not only dangerous, however ridiculous, not just evil but absurd. It was horrible and obsessive, but we might have been confused if anybody had prompt that there was or could possibly be an excessive amount of. It was strange soothing, as a result of as long as we might hate him, we had no doubts about ourselves. It was fascinating to know – he was all the time proper there on our face, simply as catchy because the morning coffee. It was —Intimate.

Memorials name Nixon's psychology a mystery and a mystery, paradoxical and complicated. It's amusing. He lived uncovered to us. We knew him because the back of our arms. Perhaps we hated him, but most People had a hard time pretending they didn't perceive him. Once once more we additionally had fun to fake we didn't perceive him – however, properly, no matter, by no means.

The invitation, secret tyro within the 50's newsletters, which makes his voice empty so it sounds nice, whose endurance was that he behaved like a gangster's wish to win American approval and didn't know another strategy to win: Savonarola as a go-getter . The self-awareness of the invisible whips, which made him look hypocritical when he tried to act on the human, his eyes flickered with suspicion that these horrible Shenanigans have been what some Sadist had created as a local help for delivery. Deliver that terrible, livid discomfort to yourself – protecting your physique like Greil Marcus once informed Emil Jannings in The Blue Angel, as if it have been an enormous soccer. Fantastic actor Lane Smith, who performed Nixon with the sweetness in the in any other case playful miniseries, stated that tracing Nixon's body language left her again and muscle spasms for months. And geez – Don't you marvel what it did to Nixon?

She was our ugly; we knew it on a regular basis. "Lord, there is cancer in the presidency," stated John Dean from an oval office in the future. At greatest, he made his slut fly ignore the malevolent, purple-red malignant mass that spread over him over the desk. smiling by way of her smiles

She was what we’re once we are alone; he was all the time alone. Nixon went by means of a life that grabbed his brain with a gun – only a pistol when everyone else had received a model new machine gun! How unfair! Because of this, he ultimately refused to put on a respirator. He would not have needed to face the world unarmed.

"Who could love Duddy Kravitz?" Asks Duddy Kravitz. Who might love Nixon? (His daughters did. And Pat, I think, I understood him – what is the type of love.) He seemed to love a piano. In any other case, the report of his life does not embrace particular person public warmth, ease, enjoyment, joy, humor. (She couldn't snort at herself – too many others had it.) Only horror was genuine. Those who noticed him in personal memorials have been embarrassing, often touching, within the form of comfort. Alexis de Tocqueville, who is so typically nudged, like me that he has not yet acquired an honest night time's sleep within the tomb, stated he would have seen extra unexplained private accidents in america than anyplace else on the earth [19659050NixonillaOwners:WilliamSafirPeliBernstein'sCharlesFosterChannelHeightheartfunnyfunnyheartheartcompetitionOnthespot-onfriends?

Garry Wills as soon as confessed that Nixon, a licensed religious, decided to encircle himself with the villains. (Sheesh – no Wills went to high school? I know why.) As a president of his concept of ​​rest, he was hanging out with Bebe Rebozo, whose mind was his tan: a very good time, pure Miami – a bit like Brezhnev. I’ve typically questioned what they talked about once they blew the seashore in Key Biscayne, Nixon, sand-filled impellers. Was it like mice and males: "Tell me about the Democrats, Dick." Or perhaps more unhappy: "Tell me what's fun, Bebe." Inform me what it’s to be stupid.

What was Nixon for his WASP buddies? Why do not you realize? He was our Jew – wandering Jew. In fact, we had to wake him up together with his cussed business, gloomy and by some means gloomy, loneliness. Otherwise it might describe Nixon's own coarse and somewhat over-compensated anti-Semitism; it might have been identical to him to acknowledge affinity and without having more hospitality, to shrink it. If antisemitism is socialism of the ignorant, as Sartre once stated (Farrakhan ought to actually surrender his Sartre, I think about there are plenty of great things on the market), then Nixon's anger in its virulence typically ended and sounded

redefining the problem, sweeps as a lot as others. Think about how decisively we didn’t deny Nixon not solely dignity but in addition plastic: plastic man! Hole man! (Self-made man!) We needed to see him as a golem, because solely it might undoubtedly present that he was not a relative of us. If nothing else, we gave him a bitter proper to ask: “If we put us, will we not be annual? … And if I abuse us, can we revenge? "And to warn – skipped to the next character in Bartlett -" You’re sorry you train me and I will go onerous, but I’ll enhance my educating. "

The Shakespeare character, to whom Nixon was most frequently compared, was beforehand Richard III, however it was just a liberal lazy-minded strategy that took an affordable shot: the same first identify, they're each dangerous, Yar har har. He's Shylock, isn't he?

Here is your dignity. Shakespeare had determined to write down a pleasing anti-Semitic caricature for the gang. However then, when this genius of mankind has pulled out, he created the primary nice antiheron of literature as an alternative. Perhaps, in our unintentional 40-year collaboration with Nixon, we did the same; what a darkish glory. What drama he gave us. (They have been crises.) He by no means landed on us: he was our Nixon every minute, a poor man. He by no means stopped working in the circumstances. "Do you know why Bach is better than Brahms?" Grizzled, not-a-Crook's former president insisted on Gary Hart too a few years ago once they have been sitting together at a state funeral. "Bach is tougher than Brahms."

How we would have liked him. When Nixon resigned, long-standing liberal Shill Richard Goodwin made an entire remark. "Now I know how all those kids felt when the Beatles broke down," he stated.

four. Nixon Chairmanship, 1969-74

News house within the afternoonRichard Nixon died, I heard the horrible, quiet voice of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Ronnie Van Zant D.C. "No, Wa-tergate does not bother me," Van Zant, who died independently, was anxious. "Have your conscience bothered – tell me the truth … Sweet Home Alabama …"

Granted, North Virginia, where I reside now again – I lived right here final yr when Nixon resigned – you possibly can hear "Sweet Home Alabama" radio is pretty close day of the week. We don’t have our own regional satisfaction that has no regional satisfaction. (We are going to testify with our Senate race.) However final Friday I couldn't assist considering if someone DJ provided a tribute.

Keep in mind the quiet majority? You in all probability do: they don’t seem to be stopping. Gore Vidal was the first to notice that Nixon's coin was the case of Homer's demise.

Truculent was a word for them. Nixon diehards typically appeared to have moved to help him with a clear rip-off and luxuriate in how he grabbed a liberal American crawl. They actually didn't work as in the event that they thought-about him higher than us; they only loved rooting in him as a result of they knew that Liberal America was shouting at them as a lot because it was disgracing him. How unhappy for Nixon that his admirers agreed together with his enemies. When the interior elite disdain – the liberal American nice sin was within the 60s, as Stalwart Ronnie Van Zant knew – their only obtainable substitute for the delight that they had denied was to say they favored the trash and gave it a finger. Nevertheless, Nixon was a finger.

Nevertheless, the enthusiastic, his followers took their very own dignity, Nixon – as he knew nicely – remained a particularly unlikely, uncomfortable platform for Jackson's populism, even his revanchist, to the other type. His views on administration have been, in any case, loftier. The last American president, who unjustifiably accepted the idea of an excellent man's historical past, believed in great captains, like primarily European statesmen, who took his benchmarks: De Gaulle, Pitt. He dreamed of a clever and sensible equality that ruled the individuals.

As an alternative, Nixon introduced the thought of ​​management to a probably permanent disgrace on this country. The loss might be extra of his tragedy than us because he was the one who respected it. As we check for options (First Actor? Chief Clerk?), Everyone has since appeared to speak of a president with various levels of confidence and conviction. No matter what you think of Nixon – or the idea of a strong grasp – he would have had no problem discussing with Equals Richelieu or Disrael; which cannot be stated of his followers. "The Last Titans," a good friend who had all the time despised him, stunned us both blurting one afternoon a couple of summers ago.

Nixon had a second in the office when he might understand himself as a hero he had all the time dreamed of enjoying within the historic stage of the world. It was opening up to China. Elsewhere, in all its talent, the overseas coverage document is just too bleak to be great. Chile was a criminal offense; Usually speaking, Europe is a mistake (proclaiming the "European Year", as Nixon and Kissinger did), is a lifeless expression that is regular slights. After which there was Vietnam.

One interpretation of Nixon's army exercise is that he’s firmly engaged in a careless chore when he discharges us from an unpopular commitment made by his predecessors. Others see him as a monster, swelling his hips in the blood. But what if both are true? Cambodian Attack, Haiphong Harbor Quarry, Hanoi Christmas Bomb – or "Bombing in the Second Half of December 1972", as Kissinger is sensitive to diplomacy – all have been defended as a needed strain to pressure the enemy to negotiate. But Nixon, who had a fetish phobia referred to as a quitter, wouldn’t have been Nixon if he hadn't secretly eaten the wild, crazy hope that the throwing of the subsequent cube would make it unattainable and would win the conflict immediately. Tons of of hundreds of individuals, principally Asian individuals, paid for his or her iffy vanity in their lives.

Domestic policies that he tried to chop equally exhausting towards his own grain. Having taken his workplace to an ideal extent to violence towards the race, he sought to dominate the prevailing consensus, which was an unexpectedly liberal tone afterwards. From Reagan's viewpoint, it’s superb how a lot Lyndon Johnson's Great Society Nixon left intact – and never simply caution, however in precept. In the meantime, in the basement, her husband made cabling orders and lists of enemies.

All right, then Watergate. Pay attention, youngsters. Never let anyone inform you that Nixon has been unfairly tested within the office – it's a set of horseshoes. However by no means let anybody inform you that it has not been carried out with joy because it’s also a set of horseshoes. Deliver the pious guff within the history books of the darkish days, the distressed conclaves, the unusual bounce? Nonsense! We have been euphoric. It was a two-year joyride. Ding-Dong, witch is lifeless!

However –

"But you said he was dead," Dorothy blubbers.

"It was a godless witch in the East," Glinda says. Billie Burke Affiliation. "This is a wicked witch in the West …"

(I guess that I imply only Reagan. You're incorrect.)

Nevertheless, Nixon has two inquiries to ask. First, was he nice?

I might take a simple method out, however… Swallowing arduous, I say I typically suspect he was. But then I also assume that till this nation learns to say "great" and "terrible" in the identical breath, it can never perceive its history that’s value it. (Until we acknowledge that each one of us, Dorothy Gale from Kansas, is wearing Western Wicked Witch. Now you understand.)

The second query: is he crazy?

America? What compared? Michael Jackson? Stonewall Jackson? Cotton Mather? Henry Batshit. Adams? Ernest Hemingway? Good previous Bill Faulkner, who as soon as grabbed his tears, that no one remembers the youngsters of Shakespeare? Abraham Lincoln, one in every of Nixon's maudlin, tried to determine himself, who if he have been alive as we speak, would Prozac seize him with a bucket load? Demise-loving, pill-popping JFK?


5. Jesse Milhous Presley

I have a photograph of a t-shirt I bought in the Nixon library, where it’s bought with this line: "President and King."

Elvis seems to be very lovely in his hand. Greasy eyelids, expanded blocks. Deliver a silly champion belt. Nixon seems uncomfortable and what's new?

They could possibly be brothers.

In fact, Elvis didn’t know his age, Jesse, who died during his delivery. Nixon's humorous loving huge brother, Harold, loves the family, died in TB 24. Each Elvis and Nixon asked their mother to name them holy. But they each heard trains at night time.

Good guys went dangerous. One was the most effective when he was dangerous but by no means believed it. One was dangerous despite the fact that he was good.

I used to assume that Sam Shepard should have written this play at his first. When he did, it was his prime: True West. Two brothers are preventing over it, considered one of which is another.

Elvis, although Nixon's junior has been for many years, is clearly an older brother: he was there, did it. They have had a youthful brother to construct a character refusal, empty from the empty to the empty. It shrinks her. Thus far, he typically hurts pores and skin contraction.

But when they’re brothers, they have to be sons. Clearly, Elvis is a prodigal son. He killed the obese calf. Based mostly on his waist, he had already eaten it, all by himself. Slurp! Yum!

Though the youthful boy is pressured to catch him, it feels burning. However I'm an excellent boy, he thinks. I am the one who stayed. I did all they asked, terrible although it was. Where's my fattened calf?

Tänä iltana yksin, hänen valaistu aivonsa huijaavat: Mitä enemmän he haluavat minulta! Mutta he eivät koskaan halunneet häntä.

Näin he maksavat.

Näiden miesten välillä oli toinen suuri ero

Kun koskaan ajatellut sitä kahdesti, kuningas uskoi amerikkalaiseen unelmaan

. Presidentti, epätoivoonsa, ei voinut.

6. Minä olen Nixon

Todella, se on hauskin asia. Käynnistä CBS Evening News. Eikö Dan Pikemminkin näytä ja toimi aivan kuten hänen vanha Nemesis, Richard Nixon?

Mutta muutama päivä viikossa en voi olla liian varma, että ostan myös itselleni käytetyn auton. 19659004] Viime sunnuntaina soitin äidilleni ja hänen miehensä vastasi. Don on iloinen republikaani; hän ja minun demokraatti äitini jatkuvasti säästävät. (He kiistelevät edelleen FDR: stä Jaltassa. Ne ovat pähkinöitä.)

”Niin sinä olet surussa?” Minä kiusasin häntä.

Hän chortled. "Ei. Mutta äitisi kaikki on hajonnut. ”

Mitä meistä tulee, nyt kun Nixon on mennyt? (Vaimoni useless tuli: "Minun täytyy tarkistaa paperit. Se on ollut kolme päivää ja ehkä hän on noussut. Jos joku voisi tehdä sen …")

Mietin, mitä musiikkia he pelaavat hänelle keskiviikkona iltapäivällä , tuohon nurmikolla Yorba Lindassa. Jotain kovempaa kuin Brahms. Epäilen jotenkin, että tämä – vaikka me kaikki voisimme laulaa "Joe Hillin" sävelmään:

Uneksin, että näin Wicked Witchin
Alive kuten sinä tai minä
”Mutta Witch” I sanoi: "Olet 10 vuotta kuollut"
”En koskaan kuollut”, hän sanoo
”En koskaan kuole”, hän sanoo

Mutta mitä sinun pääkivenne, vanhan arkeijasi vanhan Scratchin? HERE LIES A SWARM OF BLACK THING. LOCAL BOY MAKES GOOD. I feel that I might nominate the phrases Nabokov used to end The Actual Life of Sebastian Knight: “I am Sebastian, or Sebastian is I, or perhaps we are both someone whom neither of us knows.”

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