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"There hasn't been another 9/11 in America because Islam has won"

"There hasn't been another 9/11 in America because Islam has won"

By: Christine Douglass-Williams Jihad Watch

It's no secret that Saudi Arabia has funded the spread of Wahhab's ideology in mosques throughout the West. Slightly below four many years in the past, there were only 150 or so in America [mosques]. There are about 3000 now. ”Behind the partitions of those mosques, Jihad is taught, as well as Islamic domination and hatred and violence towards Christians and Jews. A number of studies have shown that such preaching is not any exception; at the least 80 % of US mosques unfold Jihadist ideology

Last July, Jihad Watch reported that the Turkish government additionally used a network of US mosques and Islamic facilities to spread Islamist-nationalist fervor.

The New York Submit has additionally reported Islamic boastful Imams spreading their anti-Semitism without sanctioning US mosques. This includes threatening the lifetime of the Jews and attracting them

This alarming information ought to be sufficient to determine a coverage of control over mosque control. As an alternative, various Islamic lobbies, notably the Hamas-linked CAIR, are pushing for "Islamophobia" that forestalls effective counterattack efforts. Thus, unbiased research and research are still the one analysis knowledge on what’s taught in mosques.

One such research is reported in a report containing a press release by a US federal agent, an anti-terrorism skilled, and an Arabic linguist. , Dave Gaubatz, ebook Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld, which is Islamizing America.

Gaubatz wrote this report back to the United West after he started a research challenge between June 26-30 to seek out out what occurred contained in the Savannah Islamic Middle, Georgia; Statesboro Georgia Mosque and Masjid-Jihad, Savannah, Georgia. Gaubatz is just not a newbie in mosque research. He "has gone 300+ mosques across America and over 150 internationally." His most recent findings might be found in his July eight sworn verdicts HERE, because of Mary Wierbick, social media director for the United West and three way partnership entrepreneur Sharia Crime Stoppers, who introduced this statement to Jihad Watch

“Georgia: Reveals the Disgust of the Moslem,” Wierbicki, The West West, July 11, 2019:

Solar Tzu says, “If you already know an enemy and you already know yourself, you don't have to worry about the results of a hundred battles. If you already know yourself, but not the enemy, each victory shall be a loss. In the event you have no idea the enemy or your self, you will lose every battle. “

The Solar Tzu Words to the Heart launched a research challenge that discovered what was occurring in the group. A very good pal, Dave Gaubatz, who has entered the 300+ mosque across America and over 150 internationally, arrived in the town to discover and report on what he discovered in a couple of mosques in the world. His analysis could be very detailed, with an outlined analytical model, as shown in the report under.

Dave is a superb American, standing up for God, the nation and the USA Constitution towards evil ideology. Islamic Sharia!

He didn’t find it shocking, however wished it was not as dangerous as his report. Learn this report and share it in your group and ship Dave a request to explore your mosque by sending him an e-mail here: [NOTE: The report below was notarized for legal validation and sworn by Dave Gaubatz for accuracy in reporting]

The report may be seen under and in PDF format:

Ultimate-Sworn -affidavit-Savannah-1Download [19659002] Dave was a guest at Sharia Crime Stoppers, an enemy group webinar, and shared so much about what he received from this research and talked about his many experiences in different mosques throughout America. The webinar included myself, Dick Manasser and David Bores, all of the founders of Sharia Crime Stoppers. David Bores is a retired police chief and retired Mr Col, who is now coaching regulation enforcement in the Southeast, threatening Sharia.

You’ll find the saved webinar on the Sharia Crime Stoppers page and here.

Dave Gaubatz, USAF (retired), US Federal Consultant (retired),
and American Patriot (lively)

8. July 19, 2019

NOTE: Once I Use Anti-Terrorism Research in America My aim is to reveal Islam when Islam requires disclosure, which is 24/7. All the things I do or what materials I reveal is public. My policy is to offer the general public with sensible intelligence before I give it to everybody else. Only People can shield America. It is the duty of the public to ensure that politicians and senior regulation enforcement officers do their work, which they have sworn to swear, which is the safety of America and, most importantly, to protect our youngsters. The general public must also demand information from our media that’s based mostly on details and proof and never on their private political agendas, as is now the case in a lot of America.

Word: The following 20 points are for the credibility of the Terrorist Anti-Terrorism Investigations I carried out in Statesboro and Savannah Georgia between 26-30. June 2019 ……………


(Dave Gaubatz Copyright 2019) Dave Gaubatz encourages everyone to use ITAC as a software and share it with others, but be professional and deserve Dave Gaubatz a device for this terrorist improvement

Savannah Islamic Middle, Georgia

A: Mosque location (neighborhood, strip mall, typical recognizable mosque structure, or Islamic middle) Keep in mind that a mosque is a defined place for Muslims to collect for prayer and strategic planning. The place may be in the house basement, storage, room in the college, small constructing structure or mega construction. Savannah's IC is an Islamic middle typical of a sunny mosque. The term Islamic middle is just not typical for identifying Shian mosques. They don’t use this term.

B: Number of Members: 350 plus

C: Sunni / Shia / Sufi: This is the Sunni Wahhabi / Salafist Mosque which primarily uses the Hanbali Islamic Faculty of Thought. There are 4 Sunni faculties. 1. Hanafi 2. Maliki 3. Shafi I 4. Hanbali. Most terrorists agree that the Hanbali faculty is probably the most harmful. ISIS, Al Qaeda and other Sunni terrorist organizations comply with the Hanbal Considering Faculty. D: Materials of the Mosque (corresponding to Fiqh Us Sunnah, Riyadh Ul Salheen, Sahih Muslim, Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Sahih Bukkari, Passenger Trust, Maududi or Qutb Materials, and so on.) Fiqh US Sunnah, Riyadh Ul Salheen, Sah and Sahih Bukkari was out there to all worshipers in the prayer room. These handbooks element Muslims for physical (preventing) jihad, youngster marriages (empowered), slavery (licensed), beating ladies (allowed), killing non-Muslims, and even non-Sharia non-Muslims, Develop into buddies with Christians and Jews, kill Islamic apostasy (allowed everywhere in the world) and Islamic objective to determine Islamic Ummah (nation) globally and beneath Sharia regulation. The aim can and have to be to determine warfare as wanted. A number of different violent subjects are coated in the manuals. Much of the mosque's material is Arabic. Non-Arabic Muslims are inspired to go online and skim simply accessible materials in English.

E: Conversations with Worshipers: Dave Gaubatz spoke with Islamic leaders and worshipers. Sunni / Salafisti is the dominant ideology of this mosque, which Imam is making an attempt to convey in. Copies of the Quran and two Islamic books have been delivered to Dave Gaubatz. The Halaco market in Fairfax, VA, was cited as a supply for Sunni / Salafist / Wahhab supplies. I have personally visited Islamic Market / e-book retailer at the least 25 occasions. This enterprise has very violent and harmful materials.

F: Sharia decoration in mosques (example: prayer carpet / rug) No black jihad flag was detected. The prayer mat had the required strains on the mat to "form lines". Wudu (body cleaning) was a mosque. Ladies have been separated from men. On the entrance of the prayer room was the type of throne. G: Any hyperlink to CAIR, IIIT, MSA, ISNA and so on. Brochures of IIIT and CAIR have been noticed. CAIR is related to this mosque.

H: Sharia Compliance with Islamic Leaders: Imam and Islamic leaders Dave G. found Sharia suitable.

I: The right way to care for ladies / youngsters: Ladies are usually not allowed to contact men. They are utterly remoted from males. Youngsters have been observed on the aspect of the prayer room for men and women

J: Mosque label (line formation throughout prayer, materials sale in mosque, and so on.). Imam drew consideration to the formation of a line before prayer. The Sharia regulation is to sell materials brazenly in the mosque's prayer room.

Okay: Imam's lecture (point out of Sharia, Jihad Qital, punishment in the tomb, Fiqh, and so forth.) Sharia compliance was mentioned all through the lecture. The punishment in the grave was additionally talked about several occasions.

L: The invited visitors (from Islamic leaders, CAIR, and so on.) from Chicago was an Islamic chief whom Imam invited to talk. He raised money for an Islamic faculty in Chicago to organize students for Islamic scholars in America. He stated thus far that this system has been accomplished for 50 students. This system is valid for 6 years.

M: Sharia Following Non-Islamic Leaders: Most of the worshipers weren’t sharia-compliant in dressing, but have been unfortunate in the mosque. 20 and males have been 100% suitable and are more likely to be involved in future violence towards innocent individuals and / or concerned in counter-terrorism nations.

N: Shared Business Cards (Websites, Businesses, Emails, and so forth…) The enterprise cards have been delivered to Dave Gaubatz. These can be utilized for future coordination / operations if it is thought-about to be carried out.

O: Confirmed Islamic terrorists have / had not visited the mosque: No recognized terrorist info has been disclosed relating to a visit to the Savannah Mosque, but Muslims traveling from one mosque to another are fairly widespread

P: Lively military on the mosque The sea and one US Army member participated in the mosque (males).

Okay: US Govt. Mosque civilians and / or politicians: US authorities stickers (passes) have been found in a couple of automobiles in the mosque's parking zone.

R: Local, state, and federal regulation enforcement: The local city police who provide security.

S: Is there an area authority. liberal or conservative: Savannah govt. is especially liberal

T: Are US army bases inside 50 kilometers: US army amenities are within 50 kilometers of the mosque

U: Islamic corporations within 15 kilometers: sure, Islamic markets and numerous small companies (some medical)

A: Is the State Liberal or Conservative: Georgia is a Conservative State, however Liberalism Grows Especially in the Huge Cities

W: Local Media Liberal or Conservative: The media in the local area is considered liberal. 19659002] X: Spiritual Packages: Public information is that the mosque leadership is concerned in spiritual activities with Christian and Jewish nations / leaders.

Q: How does a mosque examine to mosques in the USA that have strengthened terrorist ties, such as the Dar Al Hijra Mosque in Fairfax, VA: Dave Gaubatz and his CT analysis group have spent greater than two weeks on the Dar Al Hijra Mosque in Virginia. 911 terrorists had visited the mosque. Savannah's IC is on the same scale as Dar Al Hijrah. This is able to be a mosque that Islamic terrorists and their supporters would really feel snug with. They might be welcome to this mosque. Imam is Pakistani and strives to make sure that all sharia issues are taken under consideration.

Z: The sensation of a professional researcher (essential) This area could be very high. An evidence and an analogy are wanted. Each human and animal has inner system solutions or flight sensors that alert them to potential dangers. That's how we survive. Years and years of experience in life, our minds are capable of fine-tune this protection system. Police use this security mechanism every single day to guage lots of of potential threats to understand how to answer the lives of their lives and harmless individuals. Shoot or don’t take the place of officers typically for a couple of seconds or much less to evaluate the conditions greatest to respond. Then their life experiences come in and a whole lot of issues run by way of their minds once they determine to shoot (kill) or shoot (not kill).

In assessing the potential hazard of an Islamic mosque, Dave Gaubatz does the identical one among 26 indicators to determine the hazard. He units up over 35 years of traveling and dealing in Islamic nations, visiting tons of of a whole lot of mosques that interact with the great and dangerous individuals of Islamic ideology, interviewing dozens of fortified Muslim terrorists, their supporters, and viewing hundreds of pages. their books and manuals, and operating in dangerous places in America and the battlefields of Iraq. Based mostly on these experiences, he is able to kick in his survival expertise as he enters the mosque. His expertise has led to his correct evaluation and that each one mosques are house to potential dangers, but to various levels. As he worked with gangs and medicines in quite a few main American cities, there was little question that gang-contaminated neighborhoods have been more likely to be dangerous, and once again, there have been numerous dangers based mostly on his expertise. The same applies to ITAC. GUT Feeling Combined with 25 Different Essential Elements Causes Hazard Evaluation

Score: Dangerous, Extremely Harmful, or Extraordinarily Dangerous

Statesboro, Georgia Mosque Last Evaluation: Harmful but last evaluation pending.

Ultimate evaluation of Masjid Jihad, Savannah, Georgia: Dangerous but last evaluation pending

Last analysis of Islamic Middle of Savannah, Georgia: Extremely harmful (on a scale of 1-10 this mosque is rated 9)

  1. Imam is a Pakistani
  2. with a robust Salafist / Wahhab influence

Analysis: Dave Gaubatz's willpower is that the Savannah IC is the home of Islamic terrorists and their supporters, used as a coaching middle and regional headquarters for the event of a technique to realize a well-established and extremely open goal to type an Islamic Caliphate in America (and in the world) and underneath strict Sharia regulation. Islamic leaders use two types of Jihad, defined by "pen and tongue", before utilizing the violent form of "sword". The shape of the Jihad pen is the conversion of Muslim writings from non-Muslims to simply accept and consider that Islam is a religion, is peaceable, and is the answer to all the world's issues. This form of Jihad additionally consists of using media. In fact, the type of Jihad language is verbal communication by means of interfaith packages, an open mosque for non-Muslims, and probably the most dangerous penetration of Islamic ideology into our public faculties for American youngsters to brainwash Islam in response to all private and secular problems. Islamic scholars consider that American youngsters are America's future and that the majority of their Dawa (educating and spreading Islam) is aimed toward them. Islamic terrorist groups have literature sent to American faculties and libraries which are very colorful to influence their younger minds.

The ultimate type of Jihad is using a sword, which is Jihad Qital (physical). Islamic leaders have announced to Dave Gaubatz their numerous secret operations, which are at present profitable in America (Islam and its leaders), and the technique of the Islamic Caliphate in America is swiftly profitable.

One Imam informed Gaubatz, "There have been no 911 such attacks in America because Islam is on the verge of winning and at this point, another massive attack would set them back 25 years. When major attacks are needed to allow the Americans to subjugate, it will be implemented. Plans are already in place. Islamic leaders know that there are small-scale terrorist attacks such as Fort Hood, Texas, Boston Bombings and others who fear the hearts of the American people and their government. Islamic leaders understand that liberal leaders and politicians label these attacks as "Lone Wolf" attacks and separate them from mainstream Islam. "

It’s important for readers to know that there isn’t any such factor as a" Lone Wolf "terrorist attack. those that perform small-scale assaults achieve this in the identify of Islam, in Allah, and to please the Prophet Muhammad.The attacks are carried out because their Islamic schooling has taught them the positive option to reach Allah and Paradise is to struggle the aim of the Islamic caliphate. ] RECOMMENDATION: Give this report to the general public in a mass-dissemination marketing campaign, then and only then will the senior American regulation enforcement and politicians do the work they have sworn to swear (to protect America and our youngsters). or scary litigation or identify calling (Islamaphobe, haters, racists) that may little question be born. The protection of America, our Constitution, and youngsters is the last word aim of all People

“The American military and law enforcement have thousands of dead to protect our country, our Constitution, and our children (3 C)). They do not run from the enemy, and American citizens must never run from the enemy, especially in our great country. This will result in an automatic loss ”. Dave Gaubatz