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Trevor Loudon's New Zeal Blog »CAIR Islamophobia Report: First-rate Fraud

Trevor Loudon's New Zeal Blog »CAIR Islamophobia Report: First-rate Fraud

By: James Simpson | Middle for Safety Coverage

The American Islamic Relations Council (CAIR) has sought to paint its opponents as "Islamophobic," the newest turning level in the Left's countless try and defame opponents as "racist," "xenophobic," and so on. And whereas this counter-strategy is mocking lowered American political dialogue to childish, elementary faculty use, its true function is to marginalize, tarnish, and disperse opponents, particularly those that threaten its subversive agenda .This article reveals how brazenly dishonest and hypocritical the CAIR and its allies are the ax actually are in this latest report on "Islamophobia" and connect them with the Islamic Cooperation Group's international efforts to impose blasphemy legal guidelines towards those that converse poorly of all elements of Islam. dista.

CAIR Islamophobia Report – First-rate Fraud PDF

Leftists are more and more aggressive about silencing their critics. In late June 2019, James O'Keefe's challenge Veritas released the newest secret video, demonstrating Google's scary institutional bias and its apparent intent to control public opinion to affect the 2020 election. Google is only one of many leftists who try to deceive, reject, ambition and silence opponents of the left. But they don’t seem to be alone. In the identify of the Purple-Green Axis, Islamist groups in america and abroad have worked with the left to silence anybody who questions all elements of Islam, including Islamic terrorism. The Council on Islamic Relations of America (CAIR) just lately revealed its newest efforts on Hate's Captured Music: American Philanthropy and the Islamophobia Community.

That might be a joke, nevertheless it's not enjoyable. "Islamophobia" is the newest on the listing of elaborate "phobias" invented by the left and its Muslim allies to proceed the reverential techniques of the Left's period. It is a ruthless, intellectually dishonest method of coping with official criticism that has lowered US political debate to infantile, elementary faculty names. The Left holds this end result, but Muslims are closed.

First, we’ve to ask: What is “Islamophobia?” Properly, CAIR doesn't exactly say. It's understandable because in the event that they informed you what it meant, you’d snigger out loud. But considered one of their associates was trustworthy sufficient to submit it on Fb (which Facebook, BTW did not block, in contrast to a number of the criticisms of Islam). Here is a screenshot of the message:

In the meantime, we now have Boko Haram's terrible massacres in Nigeria, Al-Shabaab is involved in mass terrorist attacks in Somalia and Kenya, Abu Sayyaf kidnappings and murders in the Philippines, countless personal and group Islamic barbaric terrorism all over the place all doctrinally based mostly on the Qur'an, the Sunnah and the Islamic regulation (Sharia).

If this is not Islam, then Islam is probably the most understood faith in world history. There isn’t a literal parallelism in another religion – though it ought to be noted that, based on a extensively used textbook in america, "Islam is not a religion", but relatively a perfect lifestyle. And whereas we wrestle to deal with this deadly attack, CAIR and its credentials aggressively impose Islamic educating on public faculties (although Christianity is equally aggressively banned) by partaking in unrelenting lawsuits to insinuate Islamic regulation with the US courts. its numerous rebellions and sediments, and it’s a violent attack on all protesters.

No, Esam, we aren’t haters. You’re! And your record is a nasty joke, particularly when it consists of terms like jihad and terrorism, which seem throughout the Islamic canon (especially the Qur'an itself!), In addition to the entire doctrinal claim that Islam just isn’t a faith.

However that's not a joke. He's critical. And this isn’t simply anybody. Esam Omeish is the “Head of General and Laparoscopic Surgery” at Alexandria Virginia Hospital, INOVA. Omeish is a former leader of the Muslim Scholar Association (MSA) and the Muslim United Association (MAS) – both outstanding teams of the Muslim Brotherhood. He’s also a founding member of the Dar al Hijra Mosque in Falls Church, VA.

The former imam of Dar al Hijra is sadly often known as the mentor of Anwar al-Awlaki – Fort Hood terrorist Nidal Hassan and others. Al-Awlaki later died in a CIA drone strike in Yemen. Hassan, together with two 9-11 terrorists, attended the mosque in 2001, when Awlaki was an Imam. The other participant was al-Qaeda member Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, who was convicted of the assassination attempt on President George W. Bush.

Can we say Islamic terrorists?

If we do, we anticipate it … Islamophobes! It turns out that this assortment solely details what the Group for Islamic Cooperation defines as Islamophobia. The OIC is the world's largest Islamic group and the second largest intergovernmental group on the earth – including 56 nations and the Palestinian Authority. It has considerable affect over the UN and has been capable of persuade the UN to include its definition of blasphemy in UN Decision 16/18, to fight intolerance, destructive stereotypes and stigma, and discrimination, incitement to violence and violence towards faith or individuals.

Wouldn’t it embrace "negative stereotypes" or violence towards Christians and Jews? Ah, no. It is all about Islam, the one "religion" the USA has ever conveyed. And underneath Islamic regulation, something that offends Muslims by criticizing Islam in any approach, whether true or false, is an offense – a criminal offense, even a capital regulation towards Islam. For example, in the event you criticize Islam for Islamic terrorism, you’re responsible of "inciting violence". So Islamic terrorism is our fault! In line with the OIC, such a debate ought to be prosecuted underneath Islamic blasphemy and blasphemy regulation, and whereas Decision 16/18 focuses on the ideas of free speech, its true objective is to criminalize Islamic crucial speech.

are real haters. Allow us to be clear about that. They usually categorical their anger by making an attempt to destroy those who expose them whereas dwelling comfortably on the planet's most beneficiant, freest and most prosperous nation. They define the term "parasite".

So let's uncover this "Islamophobia" report of the fraud it is. Its function is to assault the foundations that provide revenue to CAIR's enemies, the so-called. "Islamophobia Network", starve them out of existence. As Clare M. Lopez, vice chairman of research and evaluation at the Middle for Security Policy (CSP) wrote in Might 2019, “the clear function of the report and the listing is to offer a target listing of charities that have to be shamed, prevented and finally pressured to withdraw help from groups .

CAIR claims that this network advantages from donations referred to as donor-advised funds via shadow organizations. There are numerous such funds, including Fidelity, Schwab, Tides, Proteus, Vanguard and others. These funds permit donors to remain nameless. In at present's hyper-partisan environment, where the Left and its Muslim allies are continuously making an attempt to show, get rid of and threaten donors, who can blame them?

However how can CAIR criticize others? In line with the Foundation's search, CAIR receives money from Schwab and Proteus. And whereas it has lately acquired nothing from Constancy or Vanguard, lots of its Muslim brother's allies have. The North American Islamic Society has acquired $ 176,600 from Constancy and $ 79,500 from Vanguard. The US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), the Islamic District of North America (ICNA), the Council of Muslim Public Affairs (MPAC) and the American Muslim Authorized Basis (MLFA) also receive donations from Constancy and / or Schwab. [19659003] In truth, Vanguard, Schwab, Constancy, Tides, and other donor-advised funds are the key donors of leftists, and donations to non-leftist groups are small in contrast. Characterizing CAIR with these sources of funding is a fraudulent misunderstanding in this report. The actual function of CAIR in publishing this handout is to intimidate these funds into offering no cash to CAIR's political enemies.

CAIR Xenophobic Community

The CAIR report states that 39 groups of xenophobic "hate" type a devastating network that receives "billions". in the "dark money" of these evil donor-advised funds. Don't overlook their definition. That is an absurd exaggeration, and is definitely improper:

  1. The report listed 46 groups, can't the CAIR even calculate? NPR supported this report: Can NPR be calculated? Didn't they even hassle?
  2. Collectively, these 46 teams acquired about $ 1.4 billion over three years – about $ 450 million per yr, not "billions."
  3. Two-thirds of the income got here from one group, Pat Robertson. Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

Exhausting to discern, however sure, CAIR sees the 700 membership as part of an in depth, dark "Islamophobic" network.

. However let's face it: if CBN's annual revenue is eliminated, the opposite 45 will obtain a total of $ 145.1 million yearly. It’s immediately obvious why CBN was included. With out it, CAIR can't use the "B" phrase, and even with it, they should rely for three years. In fact, the CAIR report doesn't break down the numbers by organization, so that you don't routinely know that the majority of this "network" was truly Membership 700.

Distributed in 45 organizations, excluding CBN, provides a mean annual revenue of $ three.2 million . Literally, the hill beans in a non-profit world, and the left doesn’t receive billions in funds.

See the desk under. The figures are taken from the non-profit tax returns of each group (linked to the table). Although they don’t pay taxes, they’re required to file, but typically they are filed moderately late. All figures in the table under and other tables on this report on this topic are taken from the newest tax return, often in 2016 or 2017, however a couple of have been from 2018.

CAIR $ 1.5 billion xenophobic network . Internet Turnover Belongings 1 Christian Broadcasting Network $ 308,099,729 142,691,721 2 American Future Fund $ 29,401,332 19659032] United States Middle for Regulation and Justice $ 22,801,099 $ 1224,787 four American Household Affiliation 19,068,393 $ 28,683,191 5 $ 9,039 3939. $ 18,973,604 6 Middle for Security Coverage $ 6,548,493 $ 1,677,835 7 Middle East Media Research Institute [19659031] 6,262,533 [1963905] [1 532 913]. David Horowitz Freedom Middle $ 5,976,459 [19659032] $ 650,572 9 Nationwide Evaluation Institute $ 5,689,857 $ 9,660,370 10 fearful ladies America $ 5,596,942 $ 191,832 . In the Middle East Stories $ 5,363,477 $ 7,632,375 12 Center East Forum four,361,751 5,463,633 13 United States Civil Rights Alliance $ three,311. 19659031] 14 Clarion Venture $ three,095,986 $ 2,074,817 15 Gatestone Institute $ 2,159,819 $ 120,750 16 [1965903232] [tutkimus] ]] – $ 137,257 17 Eagle Forum and Defense Fund (10 chapters) $ 1,810,441 $ 29,351,809 18 Spiritual Freedom Coalition 1,529 083 [1962903] 19659032] Lawfare Venture $ 1,392,062 $ 790,780 20 A Merican Freedom Regulation Middle $ 1,276,078 $ 530,871 21 Christian Motion Community $ 1,098,170 $ 80,590 22-46 all others 7,292,092 19659031] TOTAL 453 $ 955,983 $ 263,057,435

Most of these teams are associated to all kinds of subjects: the thought of ​​inviting them into any sort of "network". Take, for example, the Nationwide Evaluate (NR). Based by William F. Buckley, NR is likely one of the oldest conservative publications in america, aside from a number of writers, and can also be one of the current By no means-Trump instances. The Democratic Protection Basis (FDD)? What concerning the American Future Fund (AFF)? The AFF proves to be a gaggle that promotes "conservative, free-market ideals". It doesn't sound like "Islamophobic" to me.

Along with the groups hated by CAIR / SPLC, there’s really little, if any, connection between them. 46 groups. No "network", not to mention "dark".

Only 4 generate more than $ 10 million a yr. Most wrestle simply to maintain their doorways open. More than half (representing line 22-46) are usually not even value mentioning individually. Collectively, these 25 organizations acquired only $ eight.three million prior to now yr. It averages about $ 332,000 every. Some earn lower than $ 100,000. Two don’t accept something. Most have just one or a number of employees. This vast community seems to be increasingly like a guppy the closer you look.

Finally, the position of donors' recommendation is exaggerated. For instance, in line with the Basis's search, since 1999, CBN has acquired about $ 24 million in CBN from numerous donors, less than 18 % coming from donor-advised funds. A lot of the rest came from particular person household foundations, Christian foundations, and others. In distinction, CAIR's konspiraatioverkosto that I have appointed the red-green axis, succeeds donors to advise what sort of dollars.

So CAIR's description of this "Xenophobe network" is deceptive. It also demonstrates the poor professionalism of the group – alone enough to distrust its claims. Let's now take a look at CAIR's red-green axis community. This really is a multi-billion greenback network. And also you don't even have so as to add years.

CAIR's multi-billion greenback purple / inexperienced axis community annual internet islamic teams internet gross sales belongings entry [19659032] $ 27,488,5677

$ 871,650 CAIR & CAIR Basis $ 14,026,522 $ 11,463,463 North American Islamic Circle 8,351,229 [1965903] [1965903] [1965903] [International19629053] $ 963,220 Muslim United States Affiliation $ 4,381,563 $ 3,676,152 American Muslim Authorized Fund $ three,576,412 $ 496 Islamic Society of North America 19659032] $ 1700636 $ 17225 [19659031] Islamic Public Affairs Council $ 1,552,zero24 $ 417,529 Islamic Society of North America Foundation [19$659031] $ 1,248,598 $ 814,284 Council of Islamic Organizations $ 937,397 . Basis $ 740,752 $ 199,613 gathering of Muslim jurists in America $ 330,871 $ 384,048 United States Council of Muslim Organizations $ 100,795 [$19659031] 19659030] Washington Trust Foundation, Inc. $ 13,896 $ four,923,358 North American Islamic Trust * NA $ 300,000,000 19659032] $ 81,856,579 $ 388,207,799 Partners and Supporters United States Civil Liberties Association $ 380,810,055 $ 470,408,742 ACLU Basis $ 146,602] $ 136,373,624 $ 449,834,593 Anti-Abuse Association $ 65,971,077 to $ 16,541,031 Industrial Areas Basis 6,028,449 , 33,33,33,33,33,33,33,3,33,3,33,three,33,3,33,three,33,33,33,3,33,three (0,390,33,33 , 33,33,33,33,33,33,33,33,33,33,33,33,33,33,33,33,33,33,33,33,3%%, 1963903,33,33 , 33,33,33,33,33,33,33,33,33 [0,3) [3,33]] [3,33]] [395,33]]] 19659031, 19659031, 19659031.] * Estimates are based mostly on news stories. No public info exists.

Examine and examine this network with the captured Xenophobe community of CAIR. Nearly all the Muslim groups listed are members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Department of Justice has also designated many, including CAIR, as conspirators in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation (HAMAS) lawsuit on terrorist financing – the most important in the USA

. SPLC and ACLU work with gloves CAIR. time. In reality, Heidi Beirich of the SPLC contributed to the CAIR report. No marvel it's such a depressing job. The ALCU's conservative counterpart is Jay Sekulow's American Middle for Regulation and Justice. In response to the newest IRS announcement, the ACLJ acquired $ 22.8 million. The ACLU raised greater than $ 500 million that yr, 23 occasions more than the ALCJ. Akin to Sasquatch is an attack bundle. The Saul Alinsky Industrial Areas Foundation and even the ADL at the moment are additionally working with these Islamic teams.

The Six "Islamophobic" CAIR actually hate

The CAIR distinguishes between the six "Islamophobic" groups for sure animations. Within the report, CAIR claims that they’ve collectively acquired $ 125 million from numerous donors (including those dangerous donor negotiated funds). The place did they get all the cash? CAIR doesn’t provide references or explanations for the report. You simply need to take their phrase for it. These groups won’t get anything like that, even when you add several years. Here is the newest tax return for each group:

CAIR's $ 125 million Islamophobic Network
Revenue Funds
ACT for America $ 128.631 [$19659031] ] American Freedom Defense Initiative $ 405,658 $ 516,119
American Freedom Regulation Middle $ 1,276,078 $ 530,871
Security Coverage Middle 6,548,493 Daviditz $ 1,597,835. ] $ 5,976,459 $ 650,572
Center East Discussion board $ 4,361,751 $ 5,463,633
TOTAL $ 18,697,070 $ 10,182,968

Oops! Not precisely $ 125 million, right? In contrast to CAIR, you possibly can verify my work by clicking the hyperlinks in those tables. Most of these groups stay on a shoestring finances. CAIR knows this, however deliberately does not point out it.

So how a lot does a poor little CAIR take annually? Take a look at the red-green shaft desk. In truth, CAIR receives $ million annually by means of its institution and office community and has raised $ 11.6 million in internet belongings, more than six "Islamophobes."

As well as, the Washington Belief Foundation holds another $ 5 million. In actual estate owned by CAIR. In their own words, the purpose of the Washington Belief is to "support the purposes of the CAIR Foundation, Inc." And guess who runs the fund? None aside from "Islamophobic" professional Esam Omeish.

But why mention these six small organizations for special consideration? There the rubber meets the street, as a result of whereas virtually all the 46 organizations listed in the Islamophobic Network Desk concentrate on a broad subject area and have not been "networked" in any significant approach, the six chosen for extreme fraud are the ones which were extremely effective at exposing and repatriating CAIR towards subversive attacks.

Contact David Yerushalmin at the American Freedom Regulation Middle (AFLC). It has fought CAIR a number of occasions in courtroom and has by no means lost a case towards them. This small organization, with half one million belongings, has pressured CAIR to finance hundreds of thousands of its abused regulation enforcement businesses.

For instance, CAIR is committed to paying substantial authorized fees and other damages to plaintiffs in two instances represented by AFLC: in June. The 2019 Virginia case and the April 2019 case in Oklahoma City. Each instances revealed that CAIR had been concerned in vital fraud towards the candidates. And every time CAIR agreed, it turned clear that the alternative was to take the case to courtroom. Because of the lawsuit, CAIR is subject to shut scrutiny of its terrorist connections and subversive instances. CAIR declined.

CAIR is clearly not a "social welfare" group, the designation is required for 501.c.3 tax-free designation. They are afraid of dropping it, and these six organizations are an enormous menace. They have successfully exposed CAIR's hyperlinks with terrorists (especially the Palestinian terrorist group HAMAS) and the subversive agenda that follows the Muslim Brotherhood's "Civilization Jihad" plan for the Brotherhood in America, particularly:

Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] the good jihad of removing and destroying Western civilization from the inside and "sabotaging" its depressing house of their arms and within the arms of believers by eradicating it and making the religion of God victorious in all other religions.

What is CAIR's Fallacious, Unethical Answer? Savege these groups and their financiers as they attempt to starve them for funding. What would CAIR do if it had the unbeaten political power it hopes to realize from leftists? One thinks of considering.

The hard-left, wholly owned by the media, Hollywood, the tutorial institution, and the large political get together, greater than prepared to echo your messages, defeating opponents by defamation is a reasonably good enterprise model, too. All you must do is abandon all ethics, honesty, morality and interest in the fact. Up to the alley of Nihad Awad, and he has carried out so by making $ 723,000 during the last three years.

The branches and by-products of the Muslim bloodstream are chargeable for nearly all Islamic terrorism on the planet. In an undercover FBI memo, an informant revealed that the last word objective of the Muslim Brotherhood is to "force violence" to hold out the Islamic Revolution in all non-Islamic governments, "including the United States."

This report by Islamophobia is simply the newest in CAIR and Co. assaults on their political enemies, a form of pre-violence terrorism that does not but instantly kill people but attempts to destroy their capability to earn revenue and proceed their work by intimidating potential allies.

Not a small number of individuals associated with CAIR are convicted of terrorism-related accusations through the years, regardless that the Muslim Brotherhood has chosen to keep away from defending terrorism in america as a result of it is presently a simpler technique. CAIR's Awad has beforehand been publicly allied with each the PLO and HAMAS terrorists. and CAIR refuses to sentence HAMAS.

As pressing as the international threats are and continue to be, the top degree of US nationwide safety leadership deserves consideration. have to be translated into home insurgency brought on by the subversive jihadist agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic actions within the nation. The CAIR is undoubtedly the main fraternity interest group behind this menace, however its prime place within the Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) and its close working relationship with the Islamic Brotherhood, President Recep's HAMAS-supporting system. Tayyip Erdogan, provides a menace to a new and overseas dimension that shouldn’t be ignored.

To counteract this menace, the US authorities should translate the 2011-2012 Great Purge, which, underneath the control of the Brotherhood, eliminated all training packages, in addition to the official USG language that precisely acknowledged the inspirational / motivating position of Islamic doctrine in all Islamic terrorism. Skilled instructors who have as soon as taught this enemy menace doctrine and their course have to be brought back to the state degree with the help and funding of USG.

Lastly, the declassification of the PSD-11 (Presidential Scholar Directive 11), announced in 2010. The plan for the Obama administration's new supportive relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood is completely very important. Without declassification, those responsible cannot be held absolutely accountable and it is extremely troublesome to reverse its ongoing malicious effects on our national safety.

The Trump administration has to face many tentacles of the Islamic Brotherhood in US federal regulation enforcement. a brand new effort must be made to research fraternity groups in the USA, and at the least to abolish the CAIR tax exemption. This report makes it clear that CAIR isn’t a "civil rights" group, however its objective is to order the fantastic "grand Jihad of the Muslim Brotherhood to remove and destroy Western civilization from within and" sabotage "its miserable home of their arms and in the palms of believers…