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By James Simpson Capital Research Middle

Abstract: The American-Islamic Relations Council has a history of doubtful associations and suspicious allegations related to Islam and terrorism. In its latest report, CAIR is aimed toward numerous non-profit groups and scholars. "These so-called" Islamophobic "groups are not hostile groups at all, unless we use the definition of" hatred ", which has been proclaimed by the Southern Poverty Regulation Middle. A cautious analysis of the CAIR report reveals most of the key arguments of the organization.

CAIR Pink / Green Axis Network

Let us now take a look at the CAIR Allied Community. I copied this network pink / inexperienced axis. It's great and provides you billions of dollars of cash and revenue. Scientists shouldn’t have to spend several years to earn billions of dollars.

How a lot does CAIR take annually? CAIR receives $ 14 million via its foundation and workplace network, and has raised $ 11.6 million in internet belongings that compete with and outperforms six "Islamophobic" corporations.

CAIR's Billion Greenback Purple / Green Network Yr Community Islamic Teams Revenue Property ACCESS $ 27,488,567 $ 37,871,650 $ 37,871,650 $ 37,871,650 ] CAIR & CAIR Foundation $ 19,026002 $ 11,663,463 Islamic Circle in North America $ 8,351,219 $ 20,337,153 The Worldwide Institute of Islamic Thought $ 7,559,412 ] $ 963,220 American Muslim Society $ four,381,563 $ 4,381,563 $ four,381,563 American Muslim Fund $ 3,576,412 $ 71,496 North American Islamic Society $ 3 411 603 $ 1,601,028 Muslim Representatives $ 2,376,533 $ 1,553,085 $ 1,553,085 ] $ 2,093,657 $ 1,084,022 $ 1,084,022 Column Fund 1,906,122 $ $ 2,015,940 Constitutional Muslim-Related Regulation Middle $ 1,700,636 $ 17,225 Muslim Public Affairs Council Basis for North American Islamic Service $ 1,248,598.00 $ 814,284 Council of Islamic Organizations $ 937,397 $ 611,099 EMGAGE Basis $ 740,752 Muslim Legal professionals in America $ 330,871 $ 384 048 US Council of Muslim Organizations $ 100,795 $ 3434 Washington Trust Basis, Inc. $ 13,896 $ four,923,358 North American Islamic Confidence * [19659008] NA $ 300,000,000 $ 300,000,000 19659008] $ 81,866,579 $ 388,207,799 Companions and Supporters American Civil Liberties Association [1 9659008] $ 380,810,055 $ 470,408,742 ACLU Foundation $ 146,251,550 $ 342,625,524 ] $ 136,373,624 $ 449,834,593 $ 449,834,593 $ 449,834,593 Anti-Defamation League ] $ 65,971,077 – $ 16,541,031 Basis for Industrial Premises $ 6,028,449 $ four,792,009 TOTAL TOTAL 817,301,334 ] * Defines plug-in quantity based mostly on information reviews .

The Islamic organizations listed above are a few of the most vital, however in no case the one Islamic groups with potential links with terrorist organizations. They’re virtually all part of the network of the American Muslim Brotherhood. The Council of the Muslim Communities in america has been included because, regardless of being a small revenue in its design years, it has turn out to be an necessary umbrella organization for the USA Brotherhood since its inception in 2015

. Esam Omeish, intently linked to CAIR

ACCESS (Arab Economic and Social Providers Middle) describes itself as "the largest Arab community in the United States." Dearborn, Michigan's residence base, but in addition nationally.

In addition to ACCESS and CAIR, one of the outstanding teams is the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT). The IIIT is believed to have shaped the term 'Islamofobe' in the early 1990s. In accordance with the FBI Reminiscences from the 1980s, IIIT was also behind the establishment of many main Muslim-Brotherhood organizations in the USA, together with the Muslim Students Association, North American Islamic Society and the North American Islamic Fund. 19659005] In groups comparable to North American Islamic Society, Muslim American Society, and the North American Islamic Circle (ICNA), there are a selection of branches and associates, comparable to ICNA's Islamic Research Institute. Within the desk, the revenue and belongings of each department are added based mostly on their individual tax returns. These cannot be instantly linked to the desk, however may be reviewed by

The North American Islamic Fund does not report on its revenue and requires an exemption as a "religious" group. “NAIT owns the property of Islamic centers and schools in more than forty states,” and 1 / 4 of all nation's mosques. The terrorist professional, J. Michael Waller, estimates that NAIT owns greater than 50-79 % of American mosques. These options are estimated to be value a whole lot of hundreds of thousands of dollars. NAIT even receives farm subsidies from the federal government for some nations, however doesn’t grow. NAIT also has a sharia-compliant equity fund, the Iman Fund, value $ 109 million from 2018 onwards.

The North American Islamic Fund is intently related to its founding organizations, the Muslim scholar affiliation and the North American Islamic society. The unclassified FBI document of 1988 found the NAIT:

  • a "secret agenda" that spread Islamic revolutions to all non-Muslim states, including the USA
  • Makes an attempt to affect US politics towards Iran and different nations with a Muslim brotherhood works

Regardless of its small measurement, a consultant of American Muslim vacationers is a very influential group that provides fats and otherwise dictates to an American Muslim the way to remain sharia-compliant in an unbelieving country. Based on Islam Skilled, former DHS researcher Philip Haney, “The current AMJA management structure has six members of the management team (called Majlis Al-Shura or the Shura Council), almost all of whom have graduated from Al-Azhar University in Cairo and eight researchers, 46 experts and 41 members. Together with this list of 100 Islamic scholars, excellent Muslim Brotherhood leaders and Salaf Muslims are associated with the Global Islamic Movement. ”

CAIR and its allies work repeatedly with the Industrial Space Basis, founded by Saul Alinsky Guidelines for Radicals, SPLC and ACLU. SPLC acquired final yr, in response to its tax return of $ 136.4 million, and it has amassed internet belongings value almost half a billion dollars. As a result of it worked with CAIR in its report, SPLC spent a substantial amount of its time specializing in teams resembling ACT and the Security Middle.

ACLU also acts alongside CAIR in legal action towards native Muslim groups. The massive assets of ACLU and quite a lot of area places across the USA permit it to be referred to as and invited by CAIR and comparable teams, and independently problem legal guidelines and insurance policies opposed by CAIR, comparable to President Trump's numerous journey bans on terrorist sponsors.

Keep in mind that the CAIR report contained the American Justice and Regulation Middle (ACLJ) in the "Islamophobia Network". Evaluating it in parallel with ACLU makes a big difference in funding and its subsequent influence. The comparison just isn’t literally. The Federal Government also pays ACLU when it defeats certain instances.

But CAIR's allied community extends to the far left community. Under is an inventory of the groups to which CAIR cooperated this yr to stop President Trump's efforts to secure the southern US border. So, characterizing CAIR as a small "civil rights" group that fights towards a huge "Islamophobic" network is literally a polar opposite the reality. CAIR is a part of a huge Pink / Green network, which has acquired billions of dollars in money from the Foundation and devoted to the USA as a protected, prosperous constitutional republic that has impressed nations around the globe and labored for immigrants.

Darkish Financial Foundations – Most Left of the Fund

CAIR assaults subsequent foundations that donate to these evil Islamophobic teams:

Readers of this report are as shocked as writers study that the identical organizations that fund American elementary institutions such as the Boy Scouts, the American Purple Cross and the Salvation Military, are additionally liable for funding Islamophobic teams towards Muslims

. advised the funds, corresponding to Schwab, Fidelity and Vanguard, as if they have been someway instantly chargeable for the activities of the teams funded by these institutions. These "charitable investment accounts" give donors anonymous donations to charity funds. Within the present hyper-partisan environment, where the left and its Muslim unions are continually making an attempt to disclose, do and threaten charity, who can blame donors who need to hold their charity activities nameless?

After the inspection, the accusation is flat. CAIR itself receives cash from Schwab and Proteus, from both donors, in response to Basis Search. And though it has not acquired funds from Fidelity or Vanguard, North American Islamic society ($ 176,600 Constancy, $ 79,500 from Vanguard). The Council of American Muslim Organizations, the North American Islamic Circle, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, and the American Muslim Fund have also acquired donations from funds offered by Fidelity and / or Schwab donors.

In reality, Vanguard, Schwab, Fidelity and different donor fund suppliers that give left-wing groups. The donations made by these monetary establishments to spiritual and legal debate teams are small as compared. Thus, characterizing CAIR as donor funds is one other misleading misconception in this report. The actual objective is to frighten these funds to facilitate transactions with CAIR political enemies.

CAIR also complains that the California Group Foundation donates to American Freedom Alliance, Concerned Ladies for Americas (the nation's largest group of girls, much larger than

. However CAIR California acquired $ 55,000 from the California Group Basis in 2013, the Public Integrity Middle. Muslim Public Affairs Council acquired almost $ 200,000 from CPI, CAIR California additionally acquired funds from both Silicon Valley and Orange County Group Funds, Wells Fargo, Blue Cross / Blue Defend and California Ladies's Basis.

$ 5.5 billion Rockefeller Last but not least, CAIR and its allies have access to George Soros's foundations of an open society, which presently has a total of $ 13.eight billion of belongings, virtually all the listed Muslim organizations profit instantly or not directly from Soros's magnitudes a. North American Islamic society alone acquired $ 625,000 between 2011 and 2016.

Study the last part of how CAIR's previous throws its current work undoubtedly.