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By James Simpson Capital Analysis Middle

Abstract: The American-Islamic Relations Council has a historical past of doubtful associations and suspicious allegations associated to Islam and terrorism. In its newest report, CAIR is aimed toward quite a few non-profit teams and students. "These so-called" Islamophobic "groups are not hostile groups at all, unless we use the definition of" hatred ", which has been proclaimed by the Southern Poverty Regulation Middle. A careful analysis of the CAIR report reveals most of the key arguments of the group.

CAIR overseas branch of home terrorist organizations

It is very important notice that CAIR was initially founded in 1994 as a home interest group of Palestinian terrorists. a gaggle of HAMAS, headed by Nihad Awad. CAIR, North American Islamic Society and North American Islamic Confidence are additionally inexorable conspiracies within the 2008 St. Earth Basis's Terrorist Financing Check, the most important US trial

The Basis's Terrorist Finance Experiment continued to strengthen hyperlinks with HAMAS at CAIR, North American Islamic Society, North American Islamic Confidence and different US Muslim Brotherhood teams. The decide thought-about that CAIR was in touch with HAMAS, and Nihad Awad himself was recorded in 1994 by publicly describing his determination to help HAMAS. The CAIR and other teams are on the record of inexorable conspiracies and avoiding prosecution simply because Obama's Ministry of Justice has been responsible of their prosecution.

Moreover, CAIR, like all other Muslim brotherhood groups in the USA, is now taking orders instantly from the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, as Turkey has turn into the actual chief of the Muslim Brotherhood. This is unusual as a result of Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE have all declared a Muslim brotherhood as a terrorist group

. As in a current publication by Ally No Extra: Erdoğan's New Turkish Caliphate and the Jihadist Threat of the West:

President Erdoğan has not hidden his help for HAMAS and didn’t act slowly when HAMAS urged AKP's [the acronym for Turkey’s Justice and Development Party] management and referred to as for his assist. As might be shown later, underneath the leadership of the USCMO senior management, Secretary Basic Oussama Jammal and CAIR National Director Nihad Awad have pledged their loyalty to Erdoğan. Regardless of the condemnation of a number of former CAIR officials for numerous jihad-related crimes, CAIR officials have repeatedly refused to sentence HAMAS as a terrorist group.

CAH Director Nihad Awad is in the midst of a photograph where US Muslim Brotherhood leaders met immediately with Erdoğan in 2016. Awad has since met Erdoğan in 2017 and 2018. Why is CAIR not registered as a overseas government representative? So why hasn't it been declared a terrorist group?

Think about that zakat, which is ten % of 2.5 % of its belongings for many who meet, is a mandatory part of the Ramadan feast paid before Eid's prayer ending in Ramadan

What most individuals don’t understand and Muslim leaders banning fast is that 1/eight zakat must go to help jihad action. This consists of all of the methods used to create Islamic hegemony around the globe: terrorism, terror help, intimidation and propaganda – every part that promotes Umma.

John Guandolo is a former Marine Struggle veteran and adorned FBI officer, who, in response to his bioscience, "Created and implemented the FBI's first anti-terrorism training program, focusing on the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic doctrine, and the global Islamic movement …" Understanding the menace, a corporation that gives threat-centered strategic and operational consultation, training, coaching for all levels of businesses and the personal sector. At this time, Guandolo guides regulation enforcement officers throughout the USA from threats to national safety, together with the specter of Islamic terrorism

In line with Guandolo, CAIR receives zakat donations and all goes into this category. Guandolo explains:

Sharia [Islamic law] states that eight (8) courses are: (1) the poor; (2) cash without money; (three) zakat staff; (4) those whose hearts have to be reconciled; 5) those who purchase their freedom; (6) debt; (7) who battle for Allah; (8) Passengers in Need of Cash

Particularly, Category 7 is outlined in Sharia as follows: "Allah is fighting". […] [M] refers to individuals involved in Islamic army operations who haven’t been recruited on the army listing but who are volunteers of jihad without compensation. They are given sufficient to be enough even when they’re wealthy; weapons, fasteners, clothes and prices during the trip, the round journey and the time spent there, even if they are prolonged. [Um dat al Salik, Book H zakat, H8.17]

In accordance with North American Islamic Confidence, it makes use of the revenue traits it holds in zakat:

The property is then used for sharia-compatible functions. From the perspective of the system, it is essential that the property's housing stays unchanged, while the proceeds from the property or the property itself are used for numerous Islamic causes, as a hundred years previous, repeated, continuous or continuous charity, including for socio-economic, army, or political purposes, for both Muslims and non-Muslims. . [Emphasis added.]

It’s exceptional that everyone who has been condemned within the proceedings of the Holy Land Basis was sentenced to all to make use of zakat to help Islamic terrorism by Palestinian terrorist group HAMAS.

CAIR's Actual Motion Program: The Attack of Threatening Opponents

Understanding the menace is just not one of many 47 listed as part of the "Islamophobia Network", and Guandolo will get to mention only a small print of the CAIR's Islamophobia report. Nevertheless, CAIR constantly targets Guandolo. CAIR, SPLC and ACLU, both in written studies and unsuccessful efforts to end the training program. They warn regulation enforcement officers to not rent him and to announce his protest to his schooling and speech events

David Bores, a retired army colonel and former police chief, additionally supplies schooling freed from cost to each regulation enforcement and civilians. crime. CAIR and its allies are routinely making an attempt to stop his training, aggressively attacking regulation enforcement officers and organizing organizations that determine to arrange him. CAIR is assisted in its efforts by major information businesses like Newsweek

CAIR might achieve credibility by strongly condemning terrorism. However they don't. As an alternative, they work aggressively to decrease regulation enforcement efforts to disassemble jihads in the USA and assault anyone linking Islam to those and other Islamic terrorist groups.

CAIR just lately demanded that the US Military Struggle School drop to Raymond Ibrahim. a scholar on the history of Islam, an inventory of its lecturers. Ever because the "Civil Rights Protection" organization can dictate or prohibit what our defense institution can research, particularly since Islamic terrorism is a big and confirmed menace that our individuals are dealing with immediately?

the army school has canceled Ibrahim's presentation, using ambiguous excuses for timing. This can be a scary illustration of the facility of words and exhibits why CAIR, regardless of its obvious dishonesty, is able to cling Islamophobia to the heads of such organizations. Many will refrain from criticism – and our soldiers will probably be denied crucial info.

The day after the San Bernardino assaults died, CAIR launched Syed Raheel Farook before the media cameras. Raheel is the brother of the soldier Syed Rizwan Farook, and he fought to elucidate how his brother might achieve this. CAIR continued tea get together groups who had warned local city council members about the specter of Islamic terrorism only a day earlier than. Later, Raheel was sentenced to immigration-related fraud as part of a system involving Enrique Marquez, a neighbor who delivered weapons to terrorists.

When you declare that these terrorists are engaged in a distorted version of Islam, why does CAIR not need regulation enforcement businesses to take all steps to protect People as an alternative of blocking their efforts? Has CAIR facilitated secret work in mosques, the place a lot of the terrorist actions are awakened? Perish the thought! They are defending them

Also, are they opposed to Sharia – or Islamic regulation – dangerous? It accepts issues like feminine genital mutilation, polygamy, and youngsters's brides. CAIR is pleased and uses mild trials virtually daily to challenge American legal guidelines, national safety efforts, and seeks to take away the exceptions that take Sharia into direct battle with the Constitution.

CAIR Chicago Brags which have launched almost 5,500 fits throughout its 15-year working yr, and solely in 2018 Jaylani Hussein, Director CAIR Minnesota, just lately bragged 360 lawsuits in 2017.

CAIR just lately misplaced three In a yr's trial in Oklahoma, the place it was making an attempt to create weapons for club discrimination. David Yerushalm's American Freedom Regulation Middle, which stories the CAIR objectives in his report, represented the respondent. The club membership proprietor announced in courtroom that, following the terrorist assault in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in July 2015, five dying sentences have been killed:

23. October 2015, Raja & # 39; ee Fatihah, member of the board of Oklahoma, CAIR, which acknowledges federal, state, and overseas governments, is in touch with terrorism – went to the arms of the defendants armed with a loaded (round chamber) army challenge hooked up to him , a army rifle that slid over his shoulder, about 140 revolutions in magazines containing 9 mm ammunition, a hidden storage system in his pocket, and a harmful agenda: to create a dispute with armed persons within the area of ​​weapons, hoping he would not shoot his arms so he might present this meritless lawsuit and run the media with a predetermined "Islamophobia" story, figuring out that the liberal media want to be the echo chamber for his deceptive declare.

The house owners of the world, as defined by Fatihah, threatened the security of their clients, staff, and the group, and clearly violated the essential guidelines that have been posted. Subsequently he had no alternative to use the power.

Significantly, the principles of the range explicitly said that the membership wouldn’t knowingly help to train any terrorist. Following the March terrorist assault in Christchurch, New Zealand, the membership wrote an indication saying:

In case you are (or have had questions), "terrorist" consists of the next:

al Qaeda



] Hamas







Muslim Brotherhood



19659005] White Supremacist 19659005] In the event you help or are in touch with one in every of these organizations, don’t give these doorways!

House owners defended their proper to exclude anybody related to terrorism in any approach: Fatihah's affiliation with terrorist organizations discovered from the Web that he’s a member of the board of CAIR-Oklahoma. We now have compiled and included within the abstract various paperwork from a public register linking CAIR to terrorists, together with documents from the Legal Procedure of the Holy Land Basis, during which the presiding decide said in his written statement that the US government "produced ample evidence to establish CAIR, ISNA and The NAIT associations with HLF, the Palestinian Islamic Association ("IAP") and Hamas. "We combine all these documents and exhibitions with this answer. The US government formally appoints Hamas as a overseas terrorist group. The United Arab Emirates, an American ally, has officially appointed CAIR as a terrorist group. We additionally produced info on the current resolution of the Arkansas House of Representatives, which set out CAIR's hyperlinks with terrorists.

23. In April 2019, the lawsuit was rejected without prejudice.

This June, the American Freedom Regulation Middle gained one other essential 11-year case towards CAIR in Virginia. This was a lawsuit launched by AFLC on behalf of three large fraud victims, which was first coated by CAIR. “Reconciliation rates have been unpublished, however AFLC stated its clients have been" very satisfied "with the outcome. 19659005] In 2015, CAIR revealed a report on the increase in hate crime focused at mosques. However there are also reviews that some mosques are intentionally putting mosque fires, hoping to create extra controversy and division. CAIR may need talked about one other comparable case from the Savoy Masjid Mosque in Houston. The Council initially insisted that the hearth be investigated as a hate crime. Nevertheless, this had set a pious Muslim who attended the mosque many occasions a day. CAIR has since moved.

Why does CAIR never point out the just about routine Islamic terrorist attacks on the earth? They declare that terrorism just isn’t a part of Islam, a "peaceful religion". If terrorism is just not coated by Islamic ideology, there’s numerous false info that kills individuals with out trigger.


The CAIR report is one other highly effective instance of Purple / Green axis propaganda. CAIR Chicago introduced just a new lantern challenge. This website is very similar to SPLC's design and objective, but focuses on "Islamophobia". CAIR intends to make the challenge a steady effort – CAIR's personal version of SPLC – to determine, distort, and doxx the opponents.

Although CAIR hopes to weaken its political enemies by threatening donors with its "Islamophobia" report, it has achieved extra to undermine its personal causes. As documented right here, it is a research that accommodates false and misleading statements which might be meant to undermine the monetary help of the enemies, the least of that are organizations that have successfully uncovered CAIR what it truly is.

At CAIR, we are within the "social welfare" or "civil rights" group. CAIR and its Muslim Brotherhood Network are a domestic enemy who has first decided to take away those who reveal it, the ugly sub-ring, then be a part of the left aspect "by removing and destroying the Western civilization inside and" sabotaging it with its miserable house with palms and the arms of believers … "